In the medical center "ON Clinic Mariupol 'You can pass a diagnostic examination of the body in the departments of dermatology and proctology.

At all stages of surveys you will be run by the highest category physician and medical staff with extensive experience in this field.

Department of proctology On Clinic Mariupol only uses a painless and accurate diagnosis, including anoscope, rectoscopy (videorektoromanoscopy). Proctologist only works with miniature modern tools that allow you to see on the screen the state of the rectal mucosa.

Dermatologist holds for diagnosing of skin diseases a dermoscopy procedure – visual examination, for which there is no need to do anesthesia, the effectiveness of this procedure is very high. Dermatoscopy allows you to determine skin cancer at an early stage.

To be screened in the "ON Clinic Mariupol”, call the phone number listed for your area – (067) 577 88 57 or fill out an appointment on our website.

Voskoboynikov Sergey Vladimirovich
Voskoboynikov Sergey Vladimirovich
Doctor of department of endoscopy

Physicians of endoscopy department of ON Clinic Mariupol

Address: Mariupol, Metallurgov st., 29

ON Clinic Mariupol
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