Eroshenko Igor Aleksandrovich

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Eroshenko Igor Aleksandrovich Eroshenko Igor Aleksandrovich
Urologist. The first category. Experience more than 25 years.
Igor Aleksandrovich has been working as a Urologist for more than 20 years. Patients call him a competent doctor and visit him without any fear. He is an attentive and responsible doctor of the first category, who annually raises the level of his knowledge: he takes thematic advanced courses in urology and ultrasound diagnostics.
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1992 - he graduated from Poltava Medical Dental Institute, specialty "Medicine".
1992 - Doctor-intern in surgery Poltava Regional Hospital.
1995 - Attestation of Kharkov Institute of Advanced Training of doctors with the issuance of doctor-specialist certificate in specialization "Urology".
1995 - works as a doctor-urologist of the polyclinic department No.2 of the fourth city hospital.
2005 - Institute of Urology AMSU, specialization "Ultrasound diagnosis".
2008 - Certification in Attestation Commission under the Main Department of Health of the Poltava state administration with qualification urologist of the first category. Courses at Kharkov Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education on the cycle "Operational urology."
2010 - The courses at Kharkov Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education on the cycle "Emergency care at polytrauma".
2012 - courses at Kharkov Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education on the cycle "Urological care in obstetric practice."

Cost of appointments

Consultation with a female urologist without ultrasound
Primary appointment with a urologist
Initial appointment with urologist including ultrasound of prostate (prostate gland, seminal vesicles, bladder)
Repeated appointment with urologist
ONLINE-Repeated appointment with urologist
ONLINE Consultation with a female urologist
ONLINE Consultation of a female urologist abroad
ONLINE Re-admission of a urologist abroad
Video gastroduodenoscopy
Urease test

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I turned to “ON Clinic” to the doctor Eroshenko Igor Aleksandrovich for the purpose of treating the prostate, the doctor prescribed medication and procedures (urological laser). At the moment after undergoing treatment I feel much better, I recommend everyone to seek treatment. I want to thank all the doctors and...
Valery , 26.06.2020. Show answer
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