Feedback from Ahmad for 26.03.2021

Good morning, I am doing very good in my health after ON Clinic helped me with my problems. The doctor was fantastic and he cured me from the problem I was facing. Administrator Victoria was an amazing translator and perfect nurse to me. She made me comfortable and not scared of my problem. She also helped me with my issue as well. ON Clinic is a good service and I would recommend it to who needs help (health wise). I thank my Administrator and my Doctor Marusov for helping me in everything.
Odessa, 26.03.2021 Show answer
Good afternoon. Thank You very much for your feedback concerning the medical treatment at our clinic. We really appreciate it. ON Clinic’s main priority is to provide high level services for our patients. It is a big pleasure for us that our Dr. Andrey Marusov helped You with your issue and You are satisfied with the treatment which You were put on. Do not forget about preventive examinations. We wish You to stay healthy, take care.
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Feedback about doctor

I want to express gratitude to doctor Marusov А.А. for the help provided, for his medical talent and topmost professionalism. Мy problem was solved in a speedy and high-quality fashion. Very detailed consultations, with explaining every why and what for, leaving no more questions after that. Andrey Anatoliyevich, thank you...
Yekaterina , 19.03.2020. Show answer
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