Lab tests in Poltava

Laboratory tests are necessary to accurately diagnose diseases and monitor the effectiveness of the prescribed therapy.

The tests make it possible to establish the pathogen strain and select effective drugs, give doctors an idea of the processes taking place in the patient’s body.

Depending on the purpose, used methods and studied tissues and fluids, medical tests are divided into several types. The most common ones include laboratory tests of blood and urine since they are indicative of most diseases: they reveal the presence of inflammation, hormone imbalance, and study the body's response to prescribed drugs.

In this case, blood test can be:

  • common;
  • biochemical;
  • test for sugar;
  • immunologic and others.

Depending on the identifiable markers, different techniques and procedures for fluid sampling are used.

Test procedure at “ON Clinic”

Medical Center “ON Clinic Poltava” offers its patients to take tests and undergo diagnostics in a modern clinical laboratory. The use of advanced equipment guarantees quick and accurate result, which makes it possible to diagnose diseases in the initial stages and begin treatment immediately.

Clinical laboratory tests are prescribed by the doctor during the initial examination. The staff of “ON Clinic Poltava” guarantees minimal discomfort for the patient – the manipulations are painless.

Laboratory diagnosis does not require hospitalization of a person or a change in their usual lifestyle. After blood sampling, it is labeled and sent to a clinical laboratory for examination.

How to prepare for the test?

The test results may be affected by the use of certain products, medications, therefore, before donating blood, the following is required:

  • keep diet;
  • refrain from alcohol;
  • when possible – minimize taken medicine or refrain from taking it.

Biochemical test is usually taken in a fasted state: it is allowed to drink a small amount of clean still water. If there are any special prescriptions, the doctor prescribing laboratory diagnostics tells about them necessarily.

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