Tests for children in Poltava

Laboratory tests help the doctor assess the state of child’s health and timely identify malfunctions of internal organs and systems.

Young children cannot explain what exactly bothers them, so tests are sometimes the only way to find out the cause of poor health and prescribe treatment to avoid the development of complications.

What tests are ordered for a child?

It is the doctor who determines based on the nature of the complaints what tests should a child do if he or she is often sick. The most common laboratory tests for children are the following:

  • full blood count, common urine test;
  • analysis of feces (bacteriological, for helminth eggs);
  • scraping for enterobiasis;
  • bacteriodiagnosis of throat, ear, nasal swab;
  • PCR-diagnostics of contagious diseases;
  • biochemical screen.

The results of child’s urine tests can detect abnormalities in the functioning of the liver, kidneys and urinary tract, as well as the presence of pathogenic microflora – bacteria and fungi. A worm test is prescribed for a child to diagnose helminthiasis, a parasitic infection that is a common cause of weakened immunity. Allergen tests of children help to determine the cause of the excessive immune response.

How to take a complete blood count for children?

Children after year have to take complete blood count in the morning (from 8 to 11 hours) in the fasted state, only water is allowed to drink before the test. It should be at least 8 hours from the time of the last meal before the procedure. Peculiarities of preparation for complete blood count for children up to a year:

  • it is advisable to take the test between feedings, closer to the second;
  • give the child drink 50 ml of water half an hour before the procedure.

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