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Being one of the smaller regional centers of Ukraine, Poltava largely preserved formed over the centuries way of life.

This is reflected in commitment to the traditions of the inhabitants, to a wide circle of relatives and friends, to the patriarchal form of family relationships.

We treat:

Not surprisingly, the male population of Poltava are both strong business executives, and successful businessmen, and an exemplary family man – often tired of exorbitant commitments. Stress, intense physical work, bad habits – regular satellites of such a lifestyle – provoke the weakening of the main male function – sexual. But, fortunately, one no longer needs to ring up all the friends and pull internet requests "Advise a andrologist" or "Prompt good urologist!" Urologist consultation is now in Poltava.

Opening of the urology department (Urology Clinic) in ON Clinic Poltava was due to the fact that in recent years much more frequent became referral of men with questions about treatment of prostatitis, adenoma, weakening of potency, rapid ejaculation, infectious diseases of the genital organs.

Since the International Medical Centre ON Clinic since its opening specializes in treatment of male problems (significant achievements in the field of urology for 25 years of work have been created), and the Center for Urology at ON Clinic Poltava appeared not accidentally. With years of experience, the qualifications of doctors, modern equipment and unique methods of treatment, the urology department of ON Clinic Poltava becomes an indispensable center where Poltava urologist can solve almost all the problems of the male reproductive organs without surgery. It is without doubt the best urology in Poltava.

Treatment success in ON Clinic Poltava of urological diseases is justified by two factors:

  1. complex diagnostics. If the majority of medical institutions of Poltava it is limited to digital rectal examination, in ON Clinic Poltava in the diagnostic system there already included ultrasound of the prostate gland, check the status of penile blood vessels (Doppler), sensitivity of measurement of the sexual sphere (biotesiometry), vasoactive test. If necessary, you can immediately get tested. The survey takes about 40 minutes, which is very convenient even for very busy patients;
  2. complex therapy by results of the survey. Arsenal of techniques used in ON Clinic Poltava allows point, effective and safe solving of male intimate problems.

The main activities of the Department of Urology:

  • treatment of erectile dysfunction in men of any age;
  • treatment of premature ejaculation;
  • diagnosis and treatment of latent genital infections;
  • treatment of disorders in ejaculation;
  • treatment of prostatitis;
  • treatment of prostate adenoma in the I, II stages (conservative medical treatment).

Good urologist will save you from all the nasty disease and help improve the quality of sexual life!

Eroshenko Igor Aleksandrovich
Eroshenko Igor Aleksandrovich
Doctor of department of urology

The cost of doctor urology appointments in Poltava

Consultation with a female urologist without ultrasound
Primary appointment with a urologist
Initial appointment with urologist including ultrasound of prostate (prostate gland, seminal vesicles, bladder)
Repeated appointment with urologist
ONLINE-Repeated appointment with urologist
ONLINE Consultation with a female urologist
ONLINE Consultation of a female urologist abroad
ONLINE Re-admission of a urologist abroad

Physicians of urology department of ON Clinic Poltava

Address: Poltava, Pervomaisky Av., 18-A

ON Clinic Poltava
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