European diagnostic standards that are accepted in a network of medical centers ON Clinic around the world and in the Poltava clinic in particular, are gaining more confidence in the residents of Poltava.

In the medical center ON CLINIC Poltava You can go through the examination of the body in areas such as gynecology, proctology, urology and dermatology. At all stages of the survey you will be working with a doctor of higher category, as well as medical personnel with extensive experience in this field.     

Medical Centre ON Clinic in Poltava has for several years maintained its excellent reputation. All staff passes strict selection before it is admitted to the state.   

Comprehensive examination in ON Clinic will help you prevent the onset of importancy, prevent colon cancer or cervical abnormalities, dermatological diseases to identify danger in the early stages, and much more.

To pass the necessary examination in ON CLINIC Poltava, you simply call your region clinic or fill out a form to make an appointment online.

Eroshenko Igor Aleksandrovich
Eroshenko Igor Aleksandrovich
Doctor of department of endoscopy

The cost of doctor endoscopy appointments in Poltava

Video gastroduodenoscopy
Urease test

Physicians of endoscopy department of ON Clinic Poltava

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ON Clinic Poltava
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