Neurology in Poltava

A neurologist diagnoses and treats diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system.

But disorders in the functioning of the brain or individual nerve endings can affect the functioning of the whole organism.

To avoid serious consequences, it is worth going to a consultation with a neurologist as soon as the first signs of a neurological disorder appear: frequent headaches, dizziness or numbness of muscles.

What does a neurologist do?

There are nerve endings in all organs, so a neurologist deals with many diseases in different parts of the body. It can cure back pain, remove the effects of a brain injury, or relieve urinary incontinence.

Diseases treated by a neurologist:

  • stroke;
  • migraine;
  • memory impairment;
  • speech pathology;
  • enuresis;
  •  neuritis.

The doctor’s task is not only to cure the disease, but also to prevent its development. This is possible if a person paid attention to the problem on time and made an appointment with the doctor.

Symptoms with which you should consult a neurologist:

  • frequent headaches;
  • pain in the back, neck;
  • dizziness and darkening in the eyes;
  • numbness of a limb or muscle with tingling sensation;
  • problems with memory, thinking.

Such problems are often attributed to fatigue, but they can be a signal of a serious illness. Only a specialist can establish the real cause during the diagnosis of neurological diseases.

How does a neurologist examine?

The neurologist begins the examination with the observation of a patient: his gait, movements, speech. This allows the professional to collect primary information about a patient quickly and effortlessly.

Examination by a neurologist at the medical center “ON Clinic Poltava” involves checking all the functions of the nervous system. This will detect diseases that do not have obvious symptoms.

A neurologist examines as follows:

  • assesses conversational and communication skills;
  • checks the scent if there was a brain injury;
  • on naked arms and shoulders, watches the work of muscles;
  • for complaints of constant fatigue, asks to raise straight arms to determine their involuntary lowering or tremor;
  • with light injections, the needle checks the functioning of nerve endings;
  • with a neurological hammer, tap on the elbows and knees, checking tendon reflexes;
  • measures pressure and heart rate to learn about abnormalities in the functioning of internal organs.

If a neurologist found problems during the examination, he appoints an ultrasound scan (ultrasound) or electroencephalography (EEG). After the examination, a patient may ask questions to the neurologist.

Do not ignore the signals of the nervous system and your body, because the disease is easier to prevent than to cure. Do not waste time and undergo examination by a neurologist and EEG in Poltava.

Goncharov Kirilo Kostyantinovich
Goncharov Kirilo Kostyantinovich
Doctor of department of neurology

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