Vaccinations for adults in Poltava

Vaccination helps to avoid contracting many diseases not only in childhood, but also in adulthood.

If the vaccinated person gets sick, then the disease will be mild. Therefore, it is important to know what vaccinations are made to adults and to do vaccinations against common diseases.

How often do you need to do vaccinations?

According to the single vaccination session, mandatory vaccinations for adults include tetanus and diphtheria shots which shall be done every 10 years. In this case, vaccines for adults are administered for the purpose of revaccination, since the effect of previous vaccinations ends. In addition, the indications for vaccination are:

  • vaccinations not done in childhood;
  • outbreaks of epidemics, including exceeding the epidemiological threshold of the disease in the region of residence;
  • contact with virus carriers.

An individual vaccination calendar is developed by a family doctor, taking into account a patient's medical history and individual characteristics of the body. Vaccination is safe and does not pose any health risks. In some cases, there may be a reaction to a shot, such as thickening or redness of the skin, general weakness, overexcitement, fever after vaccination.

What vaccinations are made at “ON Clinic Poltava”?

Vaccination at “ON Clinic Poltava”  is carried out in comfortable conditions, after a preliminary examination by a general practitioner. You can find out about the availability of vaccines by phone. The health center's adult vaccinations include:

  • diphtheria and tetanus shot (vaccine ADT-M-Biolek);
  • vaccination against papilloma (Cervarix vaccine);
  • vaccination against pneumococcus (vaccine Prevenar-13);
  • influenza vaccination (vaccine Vaxigrip Tetra).

Important! Check the availability of vaccines by calling the contact phone number of the medical center.

An appointment with a general practitioner for vaccination at “ON Clinic Poltava” is made by the phone numbers indicated on the website or through the online form. You can make an appointment around the clock.

The cost of doctor vaccinations appointments in Poltava

1100 uah
2200 uah
1800 uah
Vaccination Prevenar-13
2950 uah
Vaccination Stamaril
1450 uah

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