Surgery in Poltava

The minimally invasive treatment of surgical pathologies, including benign neoplasms, inflammatory processes in the area of nail plates and hair follicles, is used at the Department of Surgery of "ON Clinic Poltava".

If benign lesions or foci of inflammation are found on the skin, in the area of the nail plates and hair follicles, make an appointment with a surgeon who will conduct an initial examination, prescribe diagnostic procedures and treatment, and, if necessary, perform a minimally invasive operation.

What does a surgeon treat?

There is a number of pathological conditions when you need to visit a doctor in the surgical department:

  • paronychia – inflammation of the nail roller;
  • panaritium – purulent inflammation in the soft tissues of the fingers and toes;
  • furuncle – purulent inflammation of the hair follicle and surrounding connective tissue;
  • carbuncle – inflammation of several hair follicles, adjacent to them sebaceous glands and soft tissues with the formation of a purulent-necrotic focus;
  • abscess – a limited inflammatory process with purulent masses;
  • ingrown nail – ingrowth of the edge of the nail plate into the nail roller, most often the big toe is affected;
  • lipoma – a benign formation of adipose tissue;
  • atheroma – a tumor-like neoplasm that occurs due to blockage of the sebaceous gland.

In addition to the above diseases that are treated with minimally invasive methods, “ON Clinic Poltava” surgeons perform necrectomy – excision of non-viable tissue around the wound.

Minimally invasive surgery in Poltava

Minimally invasive methods of treatment are aimed at minimizing soft tissue trauma during surgery. Radio wave surgery involves the use of high frequency radio waves for skin incision and tissue coagulation by a non-contact method. The following advantages of minimally invasive surgery are distinguished:

  • lack of blood loss – due to coagulation, that is, “soldering” of bleeding vessels;
  • minimal tissue trauma – due to the influence of high-frequency radio waves there is no mechanical pressure on the tissue and a minimal trauma zone is formed;
  • absence of postoperative complications – the radio-wave treatment method ensures the disinfection of the wound during the intervention from all pathogenic microorganisms that could cause an inflammatory process;
  • rapid healing of the wound – radio waves contribute to the rapid formation of a fibrin film on the surface of the wound, which contributes to its rapid healing;
  • absence of postoperative scars – due to minimal damage to soft tissues.

Forget about general anesthesia, pain in the area of the postoperative wound, a long rehabilitation period, ugly scar on the skin. All of this is a thing of the past thanks to radio wave surgery.

At the medical center you can make an appointment with the surgeon around the clock. Entrust your health to experienced doctors at “ON Clinic Poltava”.

Doctor of department of surgery

The cost of doctor surgery appointments in Poltava

Initial consultation with a surgeon
Follow-up visit to the surgeon
Reappointment of a surgeon after a regulated period
ONLINE-Initial consultation with a surgeon
ONLINE-Follow-up visit to the surgeon
ONLINE-Reappointment of a surgeon after a regulated period
ONLINE Consultation of a surgeon abroad

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