Answers and questions on cardiology

Tell me please why my chest hurts when I lie on back? It hurts so much that it hurts to breathe.
Answer: 24.09.2020

Most often, this can be a manifestation of the infringement of the nerve endings of the thoracic spine. But it can also be an atypical manifestation of the disease. Therefore, it is necessary to consult a doctor who will prescribe an additional examination, establish a diagnosis and give the necessary recommendations.

Recently I had been ill with Covid-19 and after the illness began heart problems, it hurts, then it beats irregularly, that I want to cough. Do I need to sound the alarm already? What could is it?
Answer: 24.09.2020

You must  definitely consult a doctor If such complaints appear, because these can be manifestations of the complications of Covid-19, which can lead to serious consequences if treatment is not timely.

Please tell me, I`m doing sports, I go to the gym, I do cardio workouts twice a week. Recently, pains have begun to appear in the lower arms, neck, jaw and chest. Should I give up training? Do I need examination?
Answer: 24.09.2020

Yes, you need to temporarily stop training, because such complaints may "speak" of heart disease. Therefore, you need to consult a doctor as soon as possible, who, after an examination, will prescribe an electrocardiogram and other necessary examinations to establish a diagnosis and prescribe treatment.

Sometimes it is pricked in the left side of the chest, as if needles were piercing and given to the left hand. Is it just some kind of muscle or a heart? Do I need to be examined?
Answer: 22.09.2020

One of the most common reasons for visiting a cardiologist is discomfort in area of the heart. But not every heart pain is caused by a disease of the cardiovascular system. There are extracardiac, non-cardiac causes of chest discomfort. This is a disease of the musculoskeletal system (for example, osteochondrosis), stomach ulcers, thyroid pathology, and other. Pain in myocardial ischemia is pressing, compressive, paroxysmal, radiates to the left arm, scapula, arises after physical or emotional stress and decreases at rest. Differential diagnosis of a cardiologist is recommended, the doctor will assess the work of the heart, if necessary, conduct an ECG and EchoCG (ultrasound of the heart).

Nechay Oksana Oleksandrivna
Cardiologist. Second category. Work experience 24 years.
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