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Hello! I need a consultation with a gynecologist. I am 32 years old, I recently finished breastfeeding my son and now I want to start taking hormonal contraceptives. Can you please tell me how to choose them correctly and what tests should be done beforehand? I have minor problems with excess weight and increased oily hair, can COCs somehow help me with this?
Answer: 27.05.2021

Hello! Hormonal contraception is a modern and reliable method of preventing pregnancy. Before prescribing hormonal contraceptives, it is necessary to consult a gynecologist. An individual approach is required, taking into account the age of the patient, her state of health. A gynecological examination, ultrasound of pelvic organs, mammary glands, smears for microflora and cytology are necessary, it is necessary to assess the blood coagulation system, measure blood pressure. All this will allow determining which method of contraception is right for you.

Hello. I had unprotected sex with a guy yesterday. This was on the 11th day of the cycle. Tell me, is there a chance that I got pregnant? I took Postinor and now I don't know what to do! My chest is a little swollen and I feel nagging pain on the lower abdomen. Should anything happen, will I be able to make appointment for a medical abortion and when is it better to do it?
Answer: 27.05.2021

Hello! You did the right thing by using emergency contraception after unprotected intercourse. Let's hope it will be effective. Medical abortion is the safest and most effective method of terminating a pregnancy. In case of unwanted pregnancy, it is important to consult a gynecologist at the slightest delay in menstruation in order to undergo the necessary examination. Medical abortion at our medical center is carried out up to 49 days from the first day of the last menstruation.

Kravchenko Viktoriya Anatoliyivna
Gynecologist. The highest category. Work experience 20 years.
Hello! I would like to consult. I read that the intrauterine device is one of the most modern and almost 100% methods of contraception. COCs are not suitable for me due to hormonal disorders and the risk of thrombosis. Please tell me about the installation procedure of this device and what examinations do I need to undergo for this? Thank you!
Answer: 27.05.2021

Hello! Yes, an intrauterine device is a reliable and convenient method of contraception. But there are a number of contraindications for its use. These are inflammatory and oncological diseases of female genital organs, cervical dysplasia. The intrauterine device is inserted into the uterine cavity during menstruation. Before the introduction, it is necessary to undergo an examination. This is a gynecological examination with taking smears for microflora and cytology, ultrasound of pelvic organs, examination for hepatitis B and C, HIV, syphilis, complete blood count (it is necessary to determine the level of hemoglobin).

Hello! I have such a situation: about three months ago, I was diagnosed with deep cervical erosion. The doctor has already cauterized it 2 times with some kind of drug, but the erosion does not go away. There are unpleasant sensations during intercourse with my boyfriend. Please tell me if there are any alternative methods of treatment, since cervical cautery did not help?
Answer: 27.05.2021

Hello! In your case, it is difficult to answer the question and give recommendations without visit to a doctor and examination. After clarifying the diagnosis, it will be possible to give you an answer. A cytological examination, examination for oncogenic human papillomaviruses (HPV), colposcopy (examination of cervix under a significant increase) is necessary.

Kravchenko Viktoriya Anatoliyivna
Gynecologist. The highest category. Work experience 20 years.
Hello. I had unprotected intercourse, after which emergency contraception was taken within 10 hours. After 2 weeks, at the expected time, menstruation became irregular, with a delay of 5-10 days due to polycystic ovary syndrome), I made a pregnancy test and it was positive. As far as I understand, the fertilized ovum, but it should not establish and with the first menstruation it should come out or do I need to do an extra abortion?
Answer: 03.12.2020

In some cases, pregnancy tests can be misinterpreted or done in violation of instructions or can be false positive (expiration date, ovarian cyst). Emergency contraception may also not work due to individual characteristics and if the pregnancy occurred before this episode. It is necessary to establish the fact of pregnancy - to take a blood test for HCG and confirm its location and duration by ultrasound scan. In case of a pregnancy, further tactics depend on the woman’s desire.

Zhuk Svіtlana Ivanіvna
Gynecologist. First category. Work experience of 19 years.
Hello. I had a medication-induced abortion on June 21, the discharge ended on June 30, ultrasound did not show any problems. I did physical exercises and on July 7 I had blood discharge which lasted till July 1. On August 1 my normal period started; they ended as usual after 6 days. Today is August 31, but no period came (usually my cycle is 28-29 days). I have a nagging lower abdominal pain, rarely I have creamy white discharge and mild nausea after eating, not in the morning. The tests are negative. Tell me, please, what can it be? I can’t see a doctor until September 5. Thanks in advance for your reply.
Answer: 03.12.2020

Not enough information. Presumably, it could be the following:

  1. The latent infection which was manifested as a menstrual disorder, discharge and a nagging lower abdominal pain.
  2. New pregnancy (tests can be false negative, especially in cases of tubal (ectopic) pregnancy.
  3. Ovulation did not occur adequately and follicle hung, in connection with this process there may be a delay in menstruation.

In any case, initially, a transvaginal ultrasound is recommended; also, in order to exclude pregnancy, take a blood test for HCG. After that, it is necessary to consult a gynecologist for the examination.

Zhuk Svіtlana Ivanіvna
Gynecologist. First category. Work experience of 19 years.
Which doctor should I consult if I have different labia sizes? Do I need intimate plastic surgery? Is this some kind of pathology? I do not experience any discomfort during intercourse or walking, but I am very worried that with age it will look even worse. Could you advise what to do?
Answer: 03.12.2020

Intimate plastic surgery is conducted by a gynecologist. This procedure called labioplasty is performed under local anesthesia without the need for hospitalization. The procedure lasts from 30 to 60 minutes.

Hello! Recently I have been treating ovarian cysts, but I cannot see a gynecologist because I am sick and I would not want to go to the hospital with a fever. If I have all the necessary information, all tests, ultrasound images, etc., can I get an online consultation with a gynecologist?
Answer: 03.12.2020

Hello! We conduct online consultations, but to determine the treatment method, it will be better to visit a gynecologist after the symptoms of a cold disappear.

Kravchenko Viktoriya Anatoliyivna
Gynecologist. The highest category. Work experience 20 years.
Before pregnancy I made the test on patogenic microorganisms (study of biocenosis of the urogenital tract by PCR) – no microorganisms were detected. Now I am pregnant (16th week). The blood test showed presence of chlamydia (lg G 1:80). Do I need to be treated or do I need to repeat the test?
Answer: 30.01.2014
Hello! IgG antibodies to Chlamydia trachomatis appear in serum 15-20 days after infection and may circulate in the blood long enough in case of chronic chlamydiosis. The diagnosis "chlamydiosis" is justified if confirmed by two fundamentally different methods of diagnostics: smear (microscopy) and blood test for antibodies to chlamydia (biochemical method). Only when the titer (concentration) of antibodies is high and / or if there are complaints specific to this infection, the course of treatment is indicated. I emphasize that it happens only in THIS case. Also in absence of subjective complaints from the woman and the fetus, a control titer determination is required. Only if the titer is 2 times increased, antibiotic therapy is indicated. Possible complications of chlamydiosis in your case are the premature discharge of amniotic fluid and preterm birth; during childbirth there is a high probability of fetal infection (conjunctivitis, pharyngitis, otitis, and even pneumonia).
Mandzyak Tatiana Igorevna
Gynecologist. The first category. Experience 12 years.
Good day to you! Please, help me with my pain. I have been treated a feminine disease by the doctor's prescription. I have the virus, although the bacterial inoculation tests are showing that I have the virus because I only contact with my husband. He also experiences pain and burning. He also took a lot of antibiotics and had a massage course according to the doctor's prescription. It all lasted more than six months. We do not sleep together. As soon as he stops taking antibiotics, it hurts immediately. I know that the reason is in me. And, is it possible to operate the cervix if it is torn into three parts? I made tests and colcoscopy, the delivery was in 2006. If possible, I am asking for a visit. Thanks in advance.
Answer: 30.01.2014
From your description I can make an unambiguous conclusion about the presence of an infectious agent as the main factor. I do not understand what a “feminine disease” means, because infection can promote coleitis, oophoritis, etc., and prostatitis, urethritis in men. One of the primary tasks is to identify the specific pathogen and choose the appropriate therapy based on sensitivity to antibiotics. At the chronic course, the treatment includes medication (antibiotics of different groups), physiotherapy, as well as immune-modulation and symptomatic therapy. It is also hard to understand what “cervix torn in three parts” means to make a diagnosis. In our clinic we perform treatment of most non-cancer pathologies by CMM radio wave machine "Surgitron". We invite you and your husband for internal consultation and comprehensive examination. Take all available results of instrumental and laboratory tests with you. We will be glad to help!
Mandzyak Tatiana Igorevna
Gynecologist. The first category. Experience 12 years.
I'm 21 and I am very worried that my labia are like rags. I watched a lot of porn films, the girls there do not have such ugliness. I had sex only once in my life and the guy never called me after that. Perhaps because of this ...It is terrible to live, scaring to undress in front of a guy. Now I have a constant boyfriend, he wants sex, I want it, but what if he leaves after seeing it. Is it possible to solve my problem somehow? When? What do I need?
Answer: 08.08.2013

Hello! Do not compare yourself to porn actresses, each person is different! There are about 10 types of structure of the external female genitalia, there are no templates of norm and pathology. You can contact our center and discuss feasibility of plastics on an internal consultation with a specialist. If no contraindications are revealed and you are confident about your decision, the procedure will be performed on an outpatient basis, in a comfortable, sterile conditions and you will return to normal life very quickly. Information about our patients does not go beyond the doctor's office, so do not worry about confidentiality. The important thing is that the end result should please you! An admission is carried out by appointment only! We will be glad to help!

Zhuk Svіtlana Ivanіvna
Gynecologist. First category. Work experience of 19 years.
I have 3+ blood group, my husband has 4+ blood group. Why can’t I get pregnant? What's the problem?
Answer: 08.08.2013

Hello! In your case, the question of infertility should be treated more widely. Both the spouses must be surveyed at the urologist/gynecologist, the man has to necessarily make a spermogram. On the basis of objective data on the state of the reproductive system and spermogram, we can plan further examination or treatment. In our clinic, you can get advice from specialists with extensive experience. Sampling of materials for laboratory tests is also performed in the comfort conditions of the clinic. As a result you will receive detailed advice on pregnancy planning. Appointments are preliminary (see "Contacts" section). We will be glad to help!

Yushchenko Tatiana Aleksandrovna
Obstetrician-gynecologist, gynecological oncologist. The highest category. Experience is 23 years.
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