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Yesterday I went to the gym and did leg exercises, I was very tired and barely made it home. Today I could not get out of bed, the leg muscles hurt very much, this has never happened before. I want to ask a traumatologist online how to treat muscle pain? What is the correct name of the injury?
Answer: 01.03.2021

During training, ATP begins to decompose in muscle tissue and blood, which is the most important source of energy. Because of this, there is a burning sensation. After intense leg training, muscle soreness occurs. It occurs 6-8 hours after physical activity and reaches a maximum in 2-3 days. As a rule, its appearance is the result of unusual or excessively increased physical activity. The pain is caused by microscopic damage or even tearing of muscle fibers. Such pains are relieved by massage, taking a hot bath or sauna, or repeating exercises with less stress after 1-2 days. If the pain persists, after 3-4 days, this is the reason for seeing a traumatologist and it implies traumatic muscle injury.

Mateko Oleksii Petrovych
Orthopedic-traumatologist. The highest category.
I twisted my leg a couple of days ago, now my ankle is swollen and it hurts to stand on my leg. I smeared the sore spot with ointment and tied it with an elastic bandage. What should I do next? First to undergo an X-ray, and then visit a traumatologist or vice versa? Can I get a doctor's consultation online? Now every going out is torture for me.
Answer: 01.03.2021

Ankle injury requires a careful and urgent visit to a traumatologist. Make an X-ray, before that the traumatologist must examine the patient to determine the scan area and refer to the X-ray. Depending on the results of the clinical and the X-ray examination, a diagnosis will be established and treatment prescribed, as well as the immobilization method.

Mateko Oleksii Petrovych
Orthopedic-traumatologist. The highest category.
There was some pain in the heel area, it began to hurt to step on and there was a feeling of heat in that area. I didn't seem to hit anywhere, I wear comfortable, good shoes. Maybe I need to buy orthopedic insoles so that the heel does not hurt? Can I get a consultation by a traumatologist online? I have a very busy schedule.
Answer: 26.02.2021

If there is a pain in the heel while walking, the most common cause is a heel spur. It is necessary to take an X-ray of the foot in stress, after which examination by an orthopedic traumatologist is required, if necessary, additional tests should be carried out. After examination, a course of conservative treatment is prescribed. With a heel spur, the method of shock wave therapy is widely used, in combination, comfortable shoes and wearing of insoles-instep support also play an important role.

Mateko Oleksii Petrovych
Orthopedic-traumatologist. The highest category.
Recently I hit my elbow very hard, I anointed my elbow with a cooling gel, the first days it was painful to unbend, but after 3-4 days the pain disappeared. Now I hear some kind of unpleasant crunch when bending and unbending my elbow. There is absolutely no time to visit a doctor due to a busy work schedule, is it possible to consult a doctor online?
Answer: 26.02.2021

Hello! In your situation, it is still recommended to find time and consult a clinic for examination and an X-ray in order to exclude bone traumatic changes.

Recently, I have had a strange sensation in my knee, as if there is something in it and interferes me walking. The skin is red and swollen, but overall the knee does not hurt much. What is this disease and how can I treat it? Is it possible to get a consultation by a traumatologist online or house-call a traumatologist?
Answer: 26.02.2021

Hello! According to your complaints, you can suspect a problem with the meniscus and ligamentous apparatus of the knee joint. You will have to find an opportunity to visit the clinic for a more detailed examination by an orthopedic traumatologist and additional examination to confirm this condition.

I began to notice joint pain after physical exertion. I have been going in for sport for a long time, I lead an active lifestyle. Maybe constant training has worsened the condition of my joints? Also, after sport, my knees swell and become hot. Very unpleasant sensations, I do not know how to deal with it, I have already tried various alternative treatment methods, but I would like to get a medical opinion from a traumatologist.
Answer: 26.02.2021

Of course, you can get a consultation from an orthopedic traumatologist and undergo the necessary examination at our clinic. The symptoms that you describe can correspond to degenerative-destructive joint diseases. In order to confirm or exclude this, it is necessary to do a visual examination and additional examination (an X-ray, ultrasound of joints).

My knee hurts, I often hear a creak, crepitus inside it. It seems like there is something inside. Unpleasant sensations occur when I go down or up stairs. What could it be? I have already tried to apply ointment and bandage the knee with an elastic bandage. Would like to consult an online trauma doctor if possible
Answer: 15.02.2021

Hello! The symptoms you describe can be a manifestation of several diseases and require in-depth study, including examination, laboratory tests, an X-ray and ultrasound examinations, possibly CT (computed tomography) scanning of the knee joint. Therefore, I would strongly recommend that you consult a doctor and undergo the necessary examination, which will make it possible to find out the true cause of the problem with the joint.

hurt my shoulder while wrestling. When I came to see a traumatologist, he just examined me, sent me for an X-ray, prescribed painkillers and wearing a special bandage so as not to disturb the injured shoulder. It seems that the pains have passed over time, but now my shoulder is constantly popping out. I can't cope with elementary tasks, and after a while, I noticed that the muscles on my arm became much smaller. I would like to get a qualified consultation by a traumatologist since the last doctor did not tell me what was wrong with the joint.
Answer: 08.02.2021

Hello! First of all, it is necessary to start with an examination in order to determine the method of additional examination. From the description, the shoulder joint is periodically in subluxation, then it will be necessary to do MRI, then it will be possible to determine the damage and recommend surgical treatment.

Plakhotnii Vladyslav Volodymyrovych
Physician orthopedist-traumatologist.
I have a strange pain in the groin irradiating to the thigh. I noticed that I could not move normally, and sitting on a chair became a real challenge. I would like to ask the doctor a question, what could it be? I have never fallen, I have not received any injuries. Thank you in advance!
Answer: 08.02.2021

Hello! There are several options. First of all, you need to undergo examination, check the pulsation on the main vessels of lower extremities, comparative assessment of two limbs, assessment of movements in the hip joints, knee joints, ankles, then order either ultrasound of hip joints, or ultrasound of vessels of the lower extremities, or comparative radiograph of hip joints. It may be either inguinal hernia, or coxarthrosis, or neoplasm of the upper third of the thigh. To determine additional examination methods, first, an initial examination is needed, then an additional examination will be prescribed.

Vashchenko Serhii Oleksandrovych
Physician orthopedist-traumatologist.
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