Greilich Denis Andreievich

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Greilich Denis Andreievich Greilich Denis Andreievich
Urologist, andrologist. The highest category. Experience 20 years.
For more than 20 years, Denis Andreevich has worked in the profession. He began his career as a nurse in the Department for patients with Urogenital Tuberculosis and in 2004 became a practicing Urologist. As a doctor of the highest category, Denis Andreevich annually improves his qualifications: he takes part in regional congresses and congresses of urologists of Ukraine, as well as in thematic courses.
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1991 - worked as a nurse in the ward for patients with urogenital tuberculosis OKPTB.
1993 - Studied in Donetsk State Medical University, Department of "Medicine".
1999 - trained in internship at the Department of Urology of Donetsk State Medical University and the urological department of the city hospital No. 1 of Donetsk, specialty "Urology".
1999 - worked in the department for patients of urotuberculosis OKPTB Donetsk.
2001 - he attended a course on ultrasound diagnosis of abdominal organs, retroperitoneal space and pelvis; themed seminars "Modern aspects of the urgent urology" on the basis of Donetsk Medical University by Gorky; thematic cycle "Current issues on oncourology" on the basis of Donetsk Medical University. Gorky.
2002 - took a course on the DOTS strategy on the theme: "Eradication of tuberculosis at the district level."
2004 - worked as a urologist at the polyclinic of the ATC.
2008 - a doctor in OKPTB UDD.
2008 - licensed in the specialty "Ultrasonic diagnostics"; European Urology School, Odessa, theme. "Kidney Cancer"
2009 - passed the thematic seminars "Modern aspects of urology the urgent" based on DMU.
2010 - worked as a urologist in the private office.
2010 - worked as a urologist in a clinical diagnostic polyclinic CDB No. 1 of Donetsk.
2010 - took part in the congress of urologists of Ukraine, Odessa; It was themed seminars "Modern aspects of treatment of urolithiasis" based on DMU.
2012 - passed certification at Donetsk regional health management, given the highest category on a specialty "Urology".
2015 - urologist of the medical center "ON Clinic Odessa".

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I visited doctor Greylikh D.A., he is a considerate person and professional of his craft. The visit was at top level, - I was examined, referred to some tests and the diagnosis was established to me. No minuses found!
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