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I was at the appointment with the therapist Koretskaya Elena Viktorovna, I really liked the doctor for his professionalism, responsiveness, goodwill!!!
Vitaly , 20.05.2022. Show answer
Service is good. Doctor very calm and listen to you, everyone should visit at least once in lifetime.
Vadivel , 23.03.2020. Show answer
I would liketo express my sincae gratitude to doctor perkhrest O.V for her help, kidness and attention during my heatment. I also want to say many thanks to the...
Ouidali , 04.04.2019. Show answer
My name is David I felt very comfortable and wished. I am grateful to you for your unusual wonderful job! I see how much professional services here you gave! He...
David , 15.03.2019. Show answer
I was really inpressedat their services. Their staffs are really kind and wellcoming. They show you around, so you wont'n be lost. They are very neat and the ho...
Augusta , 31.01.2019. Show answer
​​I must say I love this clinic. They were not able to diagnose my d​e​sease in Japan for almost a year through various doctors. On the other hand here doctorin...
V.A. , 17.01.2018. Show answer
Szeretném megköszönni ,hogy olyan kedvesek , segítőkészek voltak velem, mikor önökhöz fordultam a problémámmal. Maximalis ellátásban reszesültem, egy félora ala...
Renata , 19.10.2017. Show answer
Very straight forward experience. The translation service was extremely helpful and the doctors very professional. Very reasonable prices and quick and efficien...
Mike , 14.06.2017. Show answer
On Clinic is very impressive. Nice presentation of staff and premises-clean, tiny and efficient. Regarding treatment, it is convenient to arrange appointment,...
Simon , 05.04.2017. Show answer
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