Feedback from Svetlana for 12.02.2020

Many thanks to Dr. Korotkikh O.S. for the best esophagogastroduodenoscopy in my life. The doctor is very attentive, careful. Everything went very quickly, he explained everything in simple terms, not in medical ones. I advise everyone to visit this wonderful doctor.
Kharkiv, 12.02.2020 Show answer
Hello Svetlana. Thank you for your sincere feedback and kind words. Korotkikh Olga Sergeyevna is a highly qualified specialist and you could see yourself her professional qualities. We want to note that, without exaggeration, a gastroscopy is an important tool for making a diagnosis. The information that the doctor receives is of great value for the further treatment plan. We are always happy to help if necessary and wish you good health.
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