Feedback from Nataliya for 22.05.2020

On May 22, I visited the ultrasound diagnostics room. It is rather my advice than feedback. Мy gynecological problem was not solved after receiving ultrasound results. Ladies, if you want to get high-quality help visit a clinic which has obstetrician-gynecologist with ultrasound diagnostics. My visit was absolutely useless. Аnd I am going now to seek for a qualified specialist who will not only make a photo of my organs for 350 UAH, but who will make the proper findings. Unfortunately, yesterday I just wasted my time and money.
Odessa, 22.05.2020 Show answer
Hello, Nataliya. Unfortunately, we could not contact you by phone, the desired party not available. We would like to note that sonologists carry out diagnostic examination and as a result they give the protocols with results to the patients, and this was completed. It is the task of attending doctor to interpret the results of additional instrumental and laboratory diagnostics. We are always ready to help, stay healthy.
Service Quality Control Department