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I visited the urologist A.A. Kurkutov with a very delicate problem. The examination passed without pain or discomfort. The doctor was very polite and answered m...
Petr , 19.02.2021. Show answer
The urologist established a very accurate diagnosis. He was very polite and professional. The diagnosis was chronic prostatitis and there were complaints of bur...
Marian , 18.02.2021. Show answer
I visited the urologist, Aleksandr Antonovich Kurkutov, with complaints about frequent urination; the doctor diagnosed acute prostatitis, prescribed treatment,...
Mikhail , 17.02.2021. Show answer
I turned to “ON Clinic” to the doctor Eroshenko Igor Aleksandrovich for the purpose of treating the prostate, the doctor prescribed medication and procedures (u...
Valery , 26.06.2020. Show answer
I turned to the urologist - Igor Aleksandrovich Eroshenko. I was worried about the prostate gland. The doctor recommended medications and a comprehensive examin...
Denis , 22.06.2020. Show answer
I visited doctor Greylikh D.A., he is a considerate person and professional of his craft. The visit was at top level, - I was examined, referred to some tests a...
Vadim , 29.05.2020. Show answer
Professional of his craft, Denis Andreyevich shows respect to his patients and always helps them. He works in a professional and neat manner. I have been examin...
Mikhail , 30.04.2020. Show answer
I underwent an examination in your urology clinic. Now I undergo treatment by dr. Demidenko as well as physiotherapy regimen. I am pleased with everything!!! Th...
Sergey , 23.04.2020. Show answer
I want to express my personal gratitude to Demidenko S.V. for the friendly attitude to the patient, professional performance of official duties regarding the im...
Anatoliy , 17.04.2020. Show answer
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