Feedback from Natalya for 19.03.2020

I want to say a big thank you to my doctor Natalya Zaichenko. Natalya Gennadievna is a professional of her craft! She is the best doctor I ever met!!! She is always polite, attentive, always finds words of support, sets for optimism and confidence in the victory over the disease. I have been ill with the diagnosis for three years and I am sure that only thanks to my doctor I live and feel well. May God grant you health, prosperity and all the best!!! Thank you for your smile and for making me healthy!!!
Dnepr, 19.03.2020 Show answer
Hello, Natalya. Thank you for your positive feedback and your trust. We agree with you, we employ only qualified specialists who are attentive to each patient. Also a good help for specialists is the powerful material and technical base of the clinics of our Network, which allows us to diagnose and treat using modern techniques in conditions comfortable for the patient. We are always ready to help when necessary and stay healthy!
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