Feedback from Svetlana for 16.05.2020

Today, on 16.05.2020 I visited endocrinologist Krasovskaya Irina Grigoriyevna for the first time. She left a very good impression. She was welcoming, cordial, listened carefully, made through examination, referred to make tests, gave primary recommendations. Thank you.
Odessa, 16.05.2020 Show answer
Hello, Svetlana. Thank you for your feedback. There are only skilled specialists at "ON Clinic Odessa" who have an integrated approach to diagnostics and treatment. They also use advanced medical equipment in their work. We are always ready to help when necessary and stay healthy.
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Feedback about doctor Krasovskaya Irina Grigorievna

I want to express gratitude to the endocrinologist Krasovskaya Irina Grigoriyevna. She is a wonderful doctor, she has a way with everybody and prescribes medication. My visit to the clinic left only positive impressions. All personnel was welcoming. Thank you.
Маrinа , 19.06.2020. Show answer
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