Feedback from Alexey for 20.05.2017

Hello! I am writing to you with words of indignation and resentment. I went to your department in Sumy, it was necessary to do an ultrasound scan due to acute pain in the abdomen. I wanted to find out as soon as possible the cause of persistent severe pain and fever. I had an appointment on 20.05.17 at 9.40. I wanted it early, but they said it was busy. However, neither at 9.40, nor at 9.50 a specialist doctor did not appear at work, as far as I understand, without special valid reasons. I didn't have the opportunity to wait longer, and I didn't want to. Israeli medicine with Soviet service is somehow offensive. Yours faithfully Alexey Zheludkov, Sumy.
Sumy, 20.05.2017 Show answer
Good afternoon, Alexey. Thank you for the dialogue with the Quality Control Service. We apologize for the discomfort you got during your visit to the clinic. We try to exclude as much as possible the influence of the human factor on the ongoing processes, but unfortunately, there is no reliable tool for this. The comfort of our patients is one of the priority tasks, so we are ready to compensate for our shortcomings in work with an additional loyalty program for the patient. In this situation, we are ready to provide you with a 50% discount for one ultrasound examination at any time convenient for you. All the best!
Service Quality Control Department