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Hello! I want to express my gratitude to the proctologist surgeon of the Khudinets Mykhailo Mykhailovych, a practicing doctor from God. I hesitated for a long time to undergo surgery, but on the recommendation of an acquaintance who previously underwent surgery at Mykhailo Mykhailovych, on June 21, 2022, I did laser vaporization, on 06.07 I underwent a repeat examination by a doctor, now I feel a significant improvement... and before that, I went through examination by two clinics in Uzhhorod and the verdict was one-cut...? God bless everyone who was involved in my examination and treatment at the ON Clinic in Uzhhorod. Peace to all and Victory.
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Hello Igor. We are grateful for the choice of our clinic and the expressed trust. We are pleased to know that you are satisfied with the result of the treatment and feel good. We advise you not to forget about periodic preventive examinations. Health and peace to you and all people.
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Thanks to Dr. Pavel Antonovich Polyanskiy for his professionalism and human attitude towards me in the postoperative period. This person is really a professional in his difficult business. I wish him and the clinic team the good health and long life. May God protect you!!!
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Hello Yurii! Sparing minimally invasive treatment methods used in our clinic allow us to solve proctological problems without hospitalization and without interrupting the usual lifestyle. Thank you for your feedback. Always ready to help if needed.
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I went to the clinic with a delicate illness. Doctor Khudinets M.M. suggested laser vaporization to help solve the problem. The operation went well, painlessly, and did not take long. Good service from staff and doctor. I would recommend it to anyone who has the same problem.
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Hello Mariia! Thanks for your feedback. The doctor’s extensive clinical experience, combined with modern minimally invasive techniques used at our clinic, can effectively solve unpleasant problems. We recommend not to forget about preventive examinations. Stay healthy!
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I went to the clinic with a hemorrhoid problem. Doctor Mikhail Mikhailovich advised to carry out laser vaporization for treatment. The whole procedure and the recovery period were at the highest level. The clinic staff was friendly and polite, they always answered questions and explained what procedure we would perform. I was quite pleased with the visit to the clinic.
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Hello Andrey! We are glad that under the supervision of our proctologist Mikhail Mikhailovich Khudinets you were able to solve an unpleasant problem and were satisfied with the result. The minimally invasive techniques used in our clinics allow you to get rid of hemorrhoids in a comfortable environment and without surgery. We recommend not to forget about preventive examinations and wish you good health.
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Én 2020 Februárban kerültem ide a klinikára, ujság cik alapján. Amiért igen hálás vagyok Khudynets M.M. proktológus doktornak önfeláldozó munkájáért. Köszönetet szeretnék mondani a klinika összes dolgozójának. Köszönöm. Дякую.
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Jó napot! Köszönjük a pozitív visszajelzést. Örülünk, hogy elégedett volt a szakorvosunk kezelési eredményeivel. Mindig készek vagyunk arra, hogy szükség esetén minőségi orvosi ellátást nyújtsunk, és jó egészséget kívánunk.
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