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The doctor called at the agreed time, without delay. She listened carefully to complaints, analyzed previous examinations, tests, carried out the necessary exam...
Lyudmila , 07.07.2022. Show answer
After the first appointment, I realized that I would never change doctors again! The whole family and all friends go only to her, a sensitive, modern doctor, sh...
Valeria , 06.07.2022. Show answer
I love this clinic for 8 years. Since moving to Odessa, gynecology and ultrasound are only here! The best specialists and the latest equipment. I confidently tr...
Tatyana , 23.06.2022. Show answer
Good afternoon! I want to share my story and thank the gynecologist Snezhana Verbovaya. I did removal of the IUD on 04/08/2022. Two doctors, who had a consultat...
Alexandra , 10.04.2022. Show answer
Hello, I am happy with the service at the reception, lovely girls, pleasant staff. My doctor was Nadezhda Stepanovna Shmargovich, friendly, pleasant, a speciali...
Tatiana , 17.02.2021. Show answer
I went to see a gynecologist because something was bothering me. It was my first visit to the clinic, as well as to the doctor Shmargovich N.S. It is very good...
Nadezhda , 24.12.2020. Show answer
I am extremely grateful to “ON Clinic” for the services rendered. Everything is punctual, professional, the staff is sooo polite and pleasant. The ladies at the...
Dayana , 27.11.2020. Show answer
I would like to leave a feedback about the wonderful specialist Nadezhda Stepanovna, who dealt with my problem with a professional approach and helped me. I am...
Olga , 03.09.2020. Show answer
The clinic is bordering on fantasy. According to the analyzes, they put the male sex, not the female, respectively, the diagnosis was not written, the material...
Tatiana , 17.07.2020. Show answer
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