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Feedback from Tatyana for 23.06.2022

I love this clinic for 8 years. Since moving to Odessa, gynecology and ultrasound are only here! The best specialists and the latest equipment. I confidently trust this clinic with my women's health. After the birth of my second child, I really wanted to do contour plastic surgery of the labia. Immeasurable gratitude to Yushchenko Tatyana Alexandrovna for the intimate beauty that she created! ? The procedure was quick, fun, painless. Tatyana Alexandrovna is the perfect gynecologist for me! Charismatic, kind, funny, pleasant. I go to her always with pleasure. Before the procedure, of course, there were worries, doubts. But in fact it turned out very quickly and did not hurt. An anesthetic cream before the injection, then a barely perceptible injection of anesthesia and that's it, no more unpleasant sensations, only the golden hands of the doctor and the latest apparatus. A very pleasant girl assistant also helped to cope with the excitement. After the procedure, I expected severe pain, but it never happened. Neither on the day of correction, nor the next. Of course, there was swelling and it was necessary to process it, observe the restrictions, but this is not at all difficult and, in general, I did not fall out of the usual mode of life. Immediately after the procedure, I drove on business, then walked with the children. Although I thought for a few days I would just lie and suffer. The swelling has gone and now everything is so beautiful and neat, lovely! Tatyana Alexandrovna did everything perfectly! I am very happy and I know many girls suffer from dissatisfaction with the appearance of the labia. But the solution to the problem is so simple that it should not even be put off. After 2-3 weeks there was no trace of the intervention, as if it had always been so)) The correction did not affect the sensitivity of the labia in any way. Everything is great! Thanks to the clinic and my favorite gynecologist!?☺️
Odessa, 23.06.2022 Show answer
Hello, Tatyana. Thank you for publicly sharing your treatment history at our clinic. We are pleased to know that you have been cooperating with the clinic for a long time and are completely satisfied with the quality of medical care. Undoubtedly, an important role is played by the fact of establishing a trusting relationship with your doctor. We hope that your detailed and informative review will help potential patients decide on the way to solving a similar problem. Good health and peace to you.
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