Feedback from Vladislav for 31.03.2020

I faced a problem of hair thinning. I consulted very good specialist Zheludkova Nataliya Vasilyevna. She is a competent doctor; besides, unlike many other doctors, she recommends procedures and tests in order to really help but not to make a patient pay as much as possible. I am very pleased, I will continue the treatment.
Odessa, 31.03.2020 Show answer
Hello, Vladislav. Thank you for your sincere feedback and kind words. We aim to provide our patients to the maximum with comfortable conditions at every stage of their visiting clinic. Zheludkova Nataliya Vasilyevna is an experienced and skilled specialist and you could learn it at first hand. We are glad that you remained pleased with the result of your visit to "ON Clinic Оdessа". We are always ready to help and stay healthy.
Service Quality Control Department