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I visited him a few days ago, I recommend it
Uzhgorod, 16.10.2022 Show answer
Good afternoon. Thank you for your positive review of your visit to our clinic and recommendation. Always ready to help in case of need, we wish you good health.
Service Quality Control Department
On 28.01 I did ultrasound of abdominal cavity and thyroid gland at “ON Clinic Uzhgorod”. I liked the doctor’s attitude, because during the appointment she explained everything to me. The doctor is young, but it is clear that she is a good specialist. A pleasant bonus for me was that for patients there was a “100 UAH” discount for ultrasound. I recommend all retirees to take advantage of this opportunity and get a high-quality ultrasound scan at a promotional price. Thanks to “ON Clinic” for taking care of the older population.
Uzhgorod, 01.02.2021 Show answer
Hello Mariia! Thank you for your positive feedback. We are pleased that our specialist Kiver L.V. met your expectations. We are glad to know that the diagnostic procedure was comfortable, informative and understandable. We will be glad to help everyone who applies for your recommendations. Stay healthy and positive!
Service Quality Control Department
Very nice staff, everything is very organized and everyone is friendly. Doctor Komarnitskaya Ye.Yu. invited me to her office quickly, on time. She explained everything – in a very friendly and professional way. Good prices for ultrasound are the most affordable in Uzhgorod. I'm happy with the visit! Thank you.
Uzhgorod, 18.12.2020 Show answer
Hello Julia! We are glad that your visit to our medical center was comfortable for you. And communication with the doctor caused you positive emotions, and you took the time to share your opinion. The high-tech equipment used at “ON Clinic” for diagnostics is one of the most modern and informative today. We are always ready to help if necessary. Stay healthy!
Service Quality Control Department
Today I visited a wonderful doctor. I am happy with everyone; in particular, I liked the way the doctor explained and commented everything. I will recommend you)
Uzhgorod, 26.08.2020 Show answer
Hello Mariia! We are grateful for the positive feedback and kind words about our doctor. It is important for us to know that you are satisfied with the result of your visit to the clinic, the atmosphere of the reception and the quality of medical care. We will be happy to help everyone who applies for your recommendations. We wish you good health!
Service Quality Control Department

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