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I am appreciated to all On Clinic workers for their attention and care. Everything is on top level. Special thanks are due to Legostayeva Alyona Aleksandrovna f...
Yelena , 13.06.2020. Show answer
Hello! I did tests at the clinic, asked if they could send me an electronic copy, at the reception desk they said yes, but you just need to call the call center...
Victoria , 04.06.2020. Show answer
I visited the specialist Stankova Yelena Viktorovna, I would like to express my gratitude to this doctor, she is a real professional and master of her trade. Sh...
Оlgа , 21.05.2020. Show answer
I went to “ON Clinic” to visit a gastroenterologist Irina Ivanovna Korotkevich. I was worried about stomach pains. The doctor prescribed me an examination - abd...
Julia , 30.04.2020. Show answer
I want to say a big thank you to my doctor Natalya Zaichenko. Natalya Gennadievna is a professional of her craft! She is the best doctor I ever met!!! She is al...
Natalya , 19.03.2020. Show answer
I want to leave my feedback about my visit to the gastroenterologist, it was my first visit to the clinic. I visited a doctor before, but I still didn’t have an...
Yana , 17.03.2020. Show answer
Doctor Legostayeva Alyona Aleksandrovna is a wonderful specialist. I am very pleased with her. Everything is clear and without the fluff. Highly recommend! Howe...
Sergey , 13.03.2020. Show answer
This was my first visit to On Clinic, Yelena Viktorovna is a wonderful doctor! I had problems with my stomach for the first time in my life and it frightened me...
Аnnа , 27.02.2020. Show answer
I want to leave a positive feedback about gastroendoscopy specialists. I can’t say that I received pleasure from this procedure, but the discomfort was minimal....
Yevgeniya , 18.02.2020. Show answer
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