Feedback from Таmarа for 23.08.2019

I came to ON Clinic on the recommendation of my acquaintances; I had problems with the face, frequent rashes, itching. I was examined during the primary visit, the cause was explained to me. I am very grateful to doctor Zheludkova Nataliya Vasilyevna, I liked her very much as a doctor, she was considerate and scrupulous about my problem, she is a very savvy specialist and pleasant person.
Odessa, 23.08.2019 Show answer
Hello, Таmarа. Visiting the clinic on the recommendations is a safe and proven method how to receive high-quality medical care. Zheludkova Nataliya Vasilyevna is an experienced and skilled specialist and you could learn it at first hand. We are glad that your visit to "ON Clinic Оdessа" was effective for you. We are always ready to help when necessary and stay healthy.
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