Feedback from Оlesya for 17.02.2020

It was my second visit to the clinic in Odessa. The first time I visited an endocrinologist. The second time I underwent ultrasound and visited obstetrician-gynecologist Masenko Nataliya Anatoliyevna. As usually, the reception ladies welcomed me and asked to wait (as I came 5 minutes earlier). Then I was kindly invited by ultrasound doctor. I was pleased that everything was neat and tidy behind the panel screen in the doctor’s room near the ultrasonography apparatus, everything was disposable. Before touching the equipment, the doctor washed her hands (as she was filling my chart). We worked very neatly, she gave her opinion and I went to a gynecologist. Masenko Nataliya Anatoliyevna met me very politely, she asked me a lot of questions, asked everything from start to finish, she explained everything and answered all my questions. The examination was painless. Everything was very sterile in the doctor’s room. Highly recommend! I consider that the visit is worth its money and the price for services are quite affordable. I liked it!! I‘ll come again!
Odessa, 17.02.2020 Show answer
Hello, Оlesya. Thank you for your extensive reference and unbiased opinion. We are very happy that the visit to our clinic was comfortable and effective. It should also be noted that our specialists have available the extensive material and technical resources which promote high-quality diagnostics and treatment. Comfort at each stage of the visit to the medical center is one of the main work principles of the clinics of our network, and you could see it yourself. We are always ready to provide qualified medical aid when necessary. Stay well and healthy.
Service Quality Control Department