Feedback from Irina for 02.05.2020

Good evening. I came for an appointment with the child, hoping that it would be much more pleasant than in the state clinic. I was wrong. Either the neglect of patients is included in the package of expensive services, or it was a candid camera. At the reception, I filled out a form with the child’s data, and we were asked to wait. We waited. Then we waited more. Then we were shown the way to a doctor who already had my name in conjunction with the child’s patronymic in his database. It turned out that the appointment is not possible until I fill out the form again. Seriously? A person who has passed some sort of selection and who has taken the position of representative of the clinic is not able to enter correctly the name and patronymic into the database?! And the doctor, instead of quiet resolving the issue with the employee, behaves with the patient like a teacher with a negligent student?! Well, I will have the heart to recommend the clinic management to lay the groundwork with employees, otherwise you risk to decrease greatly the number of clients. The appointment was on 04/30/20. The form was completed on the second floor.
Dnepr, 02.05.2020 Show answer
Hello, Irina. Our Quality Control Unit made multiple attempts to contact you for your feedback in order to study this case but they were not successful – the subscriber is not available for phone calls. Please contact our Quality Control Unit by calling 0800-50-71-70 (from 10:00 tо 17:00).
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