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I am a patient of dermatologist Tominets O.V. Only good feedback, a good doctor, she will explain everything well; she immediately diagnosed dermatitis on the face, which disappeared after 2 days. I recommend “ON Clinic” and doctor Tominets O.V. The clinic has good and friendly staff. Many thanks to everyone.
Uzhgorod, 08.12.2020 Show answer
Hello Solomiia! Thank you for your positive feedback and a high assessment of professionalism of the doctor O.V. Tominets. Dermatologists of our clinic select individual treatment programs for each patient, taking into account all diagnostic parameters. Always happy to help. We wish you good health!
Service Quality Control Department
I came to the clinic to remove warts on my hands. I got an appointment with Bobrova Angelika Viktorovna. The doctor promised that after the procedure there would be no scars (this question worried me very much, so I asked her about it). More than two months have already passed, but the scars after removal remained, and they are quite noticeable (more noticeable than the warts themselves before the procedure). If this clinic has competent doctors, then why assure me of false information?! I am sorry that I came to this clinic. I wouldn't recommend it!
Uzhgorod, 25.10.2020 Show answer
Hello Ivanna! Unfortunately, we were unable to contact you by telephone. To continue the constructive dialogue, please contact the Quality Control Service at 0800-50-71-70 (from 10:00 to 17:00). We expect feedback and stay healthy!
Service Quality Control Department
Angelika Viktorovna Bobrova. GREAT PERSON! A doctor with a God-given talent. Thank you is not enough to say. There were no words to express my deep gratitude.
Eva Ivanovna
Uzhgorod, 29.08.2020 Show answer
Hello Eva Ivanovna! Thank you for your sincere positive feedback and kind words about our doctor Bobrova Angelika Viktorovna. It is important for us to know that you are satisfied with the result of your visit to the clinic and the quality of medical care. We are always ready to help if necessary. We wish you good health!
Service Quality Control Department
I learned about the clinic from the Internet, first I came with my son to a dermatologist Tominets, a pleasant doctor. We immediately saw improvements despite the fact that we had been treated for 3 years by other doctors and there was no result. Thanks to doctor Tominets for his professionalism. I myself am being treated by a gynecologist Shmargovich; this wonderful woman treated my problems with understanding, I got professional advice without problems and passed all the examinations without standing in lines. I wish there would be more such doctors. Thanks to “ON Clinic” in Uzhgorod. I highly recommend it.
Uzhgorod, 24.07.2020 Show answer
Hello Erika! We are grateful for the positive feedback and kind words. We are glad that the level of professionalism of our doctors met your expectations. It is important for us to know that you are satisfied with the result of contacting “ON Clinic Uzhgorod”, the atmosphere of visit and the quality of medical care. We offer high-level service and innovative diagnostic and treatment methods using modern equipment and the latest technology. We will be happy to help everyone who applies for your recommendations. We wish you and your family good health!
Service Quality Control Department

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