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Answers and questions on pediatric dermatovenereology

Hello! My 8-month son has severe rashes on the chest more than a week. I have exhausted every possible solution: I changed the milk formula, I used to give Malysh and Malyutka, but now I started to give fermented milk Nutrilon; I applied the following onto his chest: Bepanthen, Sudocrem, Dermalex, Puder Plin. I gave the following medicine: Edem, Suprastin. However, nothing helped, it seems to get even worse. Why does it happen and what am I supposed to do?
Answer: 16.11.2020

Stop feeding with Nutrilon milk formula, as it might provoke the rashes. The examination by dermatologist is mandatory. Before visit to dermatologist do not apply anything and do not wet it, as some additional tests are possible. Do tests for intestinal dysbacteriosis. Consultation by pediatrician is also necessary.

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