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Do I need a doctor's consultation if I bruised the glans penis during intercourse? Nothing hurts now, but a cyanotic spot has appeared. Is there a reason for concern? Perhaps I can get an online urologist consultation? I live in the suburbs of the city.
Answer: 22.12.2020

Of course, a doctor's consultation is necessary for injuries or bruises of the genital organ. If it is not possible to visit us, then you can have an online consultation. Perhaps, based on the examination results, it will be necessary to prescribe medicines for external use.

Basenko Valentyn Valentynovych
Urologist. Highest category.
Recently, I began to feel pain when urinating. I suspect that I have some kind of illness. I would like to get an online consultation with a doctor or is it better to come for a check-up to a urologist?
Answer: 22.12.2020

Pain during urination can be associated with infection, pathological changes in the anatomy of the urinary tract. To make a diagnosis, it is required to make an appointment with a urologist to collect anamnesis, conduct an examination and prescribe some tests.

Basenko Valentyn Valentynovych
Urologist. Highest category.
A small dark spot appeared on the penis. I have already consulted a urologist in Kropyvnytskyi, but unfortunately, the treatment did not help. Perhaps this is just an age spot and nothing needs to be treated? Or could it be an infection? What is the best way to deal with this situation?
Answer: 22.12.2020

If age spots appear on the genital organ, then there can be many variants of diseases, ranging from a simple age spot to Bowen’s disease. Age spots are different, usually not very saturated in color, of different sizes, structures, with indistinct boundaries, they may rise above the surface of the skin, or hair can grow from it. To make a diagnosis, you definitely need to make an appointment with a urologist to examine this spot.

Basenko Valentyn Valentynovych
Urologist. Highest category.
Hello. Two years ago, I had a sharp pain in the scrotum, after which it sometimes continued throughout this time. About a year ago, during palpation, I felt a lump on my right testicle (about 1.5-2 mm in diameter) similar to a bubble, all this time it did not change in size, the testicle did not increase. A couple of days ago, I noticed a slight increase in the inguinal lymph nodes on the right side, in comparison with the other side, the differences are minimal, they do not hurt. Could you please tell me what to do?
Answer: 09.12.2020

It is necessary to see urologist on an empty stomach to give a blood sample for oncomarkers of the prostate, ultrasound examination of scrotum and for palpation.

Eroshenko Igor Aleksandrovich
Urologist. The first category.
Hello, I have a problem, I have a growth on the penis frenulum; it is quite large and my sexual partner noticed that during ejaculation, sperm came out with blood. Could you please explain to me what it is and how to get rid of it?
Answer: 09.12.2020

First of all, you need to make an appointment with urologist for examination. Most likely, the appearance of blood in the semen is associated with inflammation of the prostate gland, and its inflammation may be associated with infection that somehow got into the penis urethra. To do this, it is necessary that the doctor refers you to preliminary tests and, based on the results, prescribes treatment.

Eroshenko Igor Aleksandrovich
Urologist. The first category.
The child has cloudy urine and frequent urination. We tried to treat with folk methods, but there was practically no effect. Please tell me where to start treatment and what examinations need to be done?
Answer: 24.11.2020

Having these complaints, it is necessary to carry out a differential diagnosis between inflammatory changes in the waterworks organs and metabolic disorders. Cloudy urine can be caused by the following: leukocyturia (increased content of leukocytes in the urine) is a manifestation of inflammation; saluria (high content of salts in urine) is a manifestation of metabolic disorders. In this case, you need to consult a pediatric nephrologist; as for examinations, you must do the following:

  • complete blood count;
  • clinical urine test;
  • sterility urine test (optional, its duration – from 5 to 7 days); 
  • ultrasound of kidneys and bladder;
  • for girls - consultation by pediatric gynecologist (to exclude abnormal development of external genital organs, inflammatory changes - vulvitis, vulvovaginitis), for boys - consultation by a pediatric urologist (to exclude abnormal development of external genital organs, phimosis, inflammatory changes - balanoposthitis).

Treatment is ordered by a pediatric nephrologist, depending on the examination results: in the presence of inflammatory changes (cystitis) - antibacterial therapy, prescription of uroantiseptics; for metabolic disorders - litholytic therapy. Treatment of children with folk methods is not used (brewing herbs, herbal baths), since this method has no evidence base and is not recorded out in the protocols. Moreover, thermal procedures are prohibited for children (during thermal procedures, vascular distention occurs and the infection spreads further).

Urologist, pediatric urologist. Highest qualification category.
3 years ago I had 2 blood strokes in a row, I have been suffering from diabetes for 15 years, I have a recovery now, sugar in normal condition. I am 57. Is it possible to restore sexual vigor completely? Thank you in advance for your reply.
Answer: 18.08.2020

Hello. In this situation, we can’t talk about an absolutely complete restoration of sexual vigor, although it is possible to restore the circulation. You need diagnostics and medical consultation.

I started to have some discharges from the penis, especially blood discharges during sexual intercourse. What may this blood from the penis be indicative of?
Answer: 18.08.2020

Hello. In this case, a patient needs to obtain the medical attention of a urologist without delay. In case of blood in semen, a patient will be examined, first of all, interviewed, then a patient will undergo an ultrasonic test of penis and scrotum. Also, the following tests can be referred to: prostate secretion test, prostate culture, complete blood count. In this situation – self-medicate by no means. Only a skilled doctor can establish a diagnosis and order a proper treatment strategy.

Hello. Recently I have noticed a lump in the groin area. The ball under my skin does not hurt and does not bother me. Should I take care of this lump in my groin? What doctor should I see?
Answer: 18.08.2020

Hello. In order to establish a proper diagnosis, a doctor needs to examine and do an ultrasonic test. Your description is indicative of groin hernia or it can be also inflammation of lymphonodus. We offer to make an appointment to a urologist at our clinic to establish a proper diagnosis and to order treatment.

Hello! I have the following problem – I used to have a strong sexual attraction before, erection was always stable and ejaculation was rapid. Now the sexual attraction is decreased, erection is not always stable, ejaculation is fast and is not as rapid as before, sperm kind of flows out in parts from the penis, but it used to shoot before; what can it be and how serious is it?
Answer: 30.01.2014
Hello! Reduced libido together with erectile dysfunction is a reason to examine hormones. Also, the erectile dysfunction may be due to vascular disorders, CNS disorders. To make preliminary conclusions and make a plan of examination, you need to know medical history, personal history. The list of compulsory primary tests: prostate ultrasound - Doppler of blood vessels of the penis – STD test - determination of concentration of testosterone in blood. In our clinic, a complete cycle of diagnostic measures is performed, after which urologists-andrologists make a final diagnosis, and after that it will be possible to speak about treatment and to make prognosis.
Reprintsev Vladislav Leonidovich
Urologist. The first category.
Good evening! I am 24 years old. For more than a year, I have been trying to cope with premature ejaculation. Sexual intercourse lasts 2 minutes maximum, during which I am very excited and I cannot hold back. Immediately after finishing I feel strong sensitivity of the head, which is even unpleasant to touch. Tell me, how and how fast can I get rid of it, and what is the cost of treatment?
Answer: 08.01.2014
Hello! We tell our patients at once that the cost of treatment and its duration can be determined only after internal consultation and examination. Treatment options – medicinal therapy with the use of products of the common network of pharmacies in Ukraine and branded products manufactured by ON Clinic Corp., physiotherapy, combination therapy. In some cases, an instrumental correction of frenulum of the penis may be required. Thus, treatment of premature ejaculation can cost 500 to 3500 UAH. Duration of treatment also depends on the choice of treatment (2-3 weeks to 2-3 months on the average). It is necessary to allocate a group of neurological causes, which require joint treatment with a neurologist or psychotherapist. Contact us, we will be happy to help!
Reprintsev Vladislav Leonidovich
Urologist. The first category.
Hello! The color of my penis head has changed. The color itself is normal; it is rich red when erected (unlike before), and instead of a smooth skin, there are small tubercles or dots. The test results are normal. What may these changes be associated with?
Answer: 11.11.2013
Hello! Change of color of the erected penis head can be caused by vascular changes. But in combination with punctate rash it can be a sign of an infectious inflammation (candidiasis, herpes). For the differential diagnosis the medical history is important (unprotected sex, use of new condoms, detergent powder, etc.), visual inspection and laboratory diagnostics (smear from the urethra is not a diagnosticum for viruses). We invite you for internal consultation. Our urologist will be happy to help you!
Eroshenko Igor Aleksandrovich
Urologist. The first category.
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