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Dermatology studies the structure, functions and diseases of the skin of its appendages: hair and nails. The skin is the largest organ that daily protects the body from pathogens, temperature fluctuations, and ultraviolet radiation.

In children, the skin is thinner and more sensitive than in adults; therefore, it is more often affected to frostbite, burns, bacterial and fungal infections.

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Household chemicals, inappropriate cosmetics, synthetic underwear and clothing have a negative impact on the skin. In case of visible changes in the skin (rash, desquamation, redness), the consultation with a pediatric dermatologist is required.

What does a pediatric dermatologist treat?

Diseases of the skin of the hands of children are often diagnosed for a number of reasons. One of them is the imperfect immune defense of the child’s body, which increases the risk of the rapid development of infectious agents.

Infectious skin diseases in children can be caused by various pathogens:

  • viruses - herpes, contagiosum epitheliale;
  • bacteria - streptoderma;
  • fungi - various types of lichen;
  • parasites - scabies.

In order to identify the cause of the infection, the pediatric dermatologist conducts a visual examination of the patient, takes a skin scraping, refers the patient to a general blood test, and prescribes additional examinations. After the pathogen has been identified, an effective treatment regimen is developed.

What does the pediatric venereologist treat?

The treatment of skin diseases is carried out by a doctor with a specialization of dermatovenerologist, who is equally competent in dermatology and venereology.

Dermatovenerologists not only restore the health of the skin, but also diagnose sexually transmitted infections that can be transmitted to the baby:

  • transplacentally - through the placenta in the womb;
  • vertically - when the child passes the birth canal.

Due to the specific children’s immunity, venereal pathologies in young patients are particularly acute and may cause a delay in development.

What symptoms should be the reason to visit a pediatric dermatovenerologist?

Symptoms of skin infections are various and depend on the pathogen.

For example, fungal skin diseases in children manifest themselves with the following:

  • changes in skin pigmentation;
  • hair loss in a specific area;
  • swelling of the skin;
  • itching;
  • appearance of desquamation or induration.

Viral diseases of the skin in children can manifest themselves with general weakness and apathy, increased fatigue, decreased appetite. Constant irritation and itching makes babies naughty and tearful.

Due to the large number of clinical manifestations of pathologies, it is recommended to register for a consultation with a pediatric dermatologist as soon as possible when detecting the following:

  • spots, rashes or other eruption (ulceration);
  • burning, tingling, or itching;
  • moist open wounds;
  • warts and moles.

The reason for visiting a dermatologist may be excessive work of the sebaceous or sweat glands, a strong unpleasant smell of sweat, hair loss, or brittle nails. In adolescence, it is worth a visit to the doctor if the child has acne, so a specialist will help you find the proper care, which will eliminate inflammation and rashes and will not lead to the formation of scars and cicatrices.

It is possible to undergo the treatment of skin fungus in children at the Medical Center “ON Clinic Kharkiv”. Here the experienced dermatovenerologists use modern diagnostic and therapeutic techniques that are safe for the youngest patients.

Podporinova Zoia Anatolievna
Podporinova Zoia Anatolievna
Doctor of department of pediatric dermatovenereology

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