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Hello. A year ago, I had a very difficult natural birth - narrow hips, a large baby. During childbirth, there were multiple ruptures of the muscles and ligaments of the pelvic floor. Of course, they sewed everything up and promised that with time everything would go away, but I developed urinary incontinence. I tried treatment with pills and folk remedies, but none of this helped. Tell me, is it possible to solve my problem surgically and what is needed for this?
Answer: 14.05.2021

There is a possibility that the birth injury has not completely disappeared and the normal position of pelvic organs is impaired. In such cases, it is necessary to be examined by a gynecologist and urologist. If indicated, operations are performed to restore the typical location of pelvic organs.

Lysytsyn Ruslan Hryhorovych
Plastic surgeon. Candidate of Medical Sciences. The highest category. Work experience 24 years.
Hello! For many years I have been suffering from chronic cystitis, which periodically develops into pyelonephritis. I am constantly monitored by urologist, but the doctor can offer me nothing but a new course of antibiotics. I heard that there is a surgical treatment for cystitis, please tell me more about this procedure.
Answer: 14.05.2021

There is a surgical treatment, but not for all forms of cystitis, and with leukoplakia of bladder, the inner surface of this organ begins to change, areas of so-called flat cells appear, over time these foci can become covered with microcracks and keratinized. Urine, getting on the affected areas, causes stinging and burning. In such cases, transurethral resection of bladder affected areas is performed using a special resectoscope instrument, which is inserted into the bladder through the urethra.

Lysytsyn Ruslan Hryhorovych
Plastic surgeon. Candidate of Medical Sciences. The highest category. Work experience 24 years.
Hello. For the last couple of months, my breasts began to enlarge and discharge from the right nipple appeared. My wife says that I just drink a lot of beer, but my weight is stable - only my breasts have increased, and the right one is bigger. Tell me, which doctor should I see with this and what can I do? Is it possible to surgically reduce breasts to their normal size?
Answer: 14.05.2021

The described complaints are characteristic of such a disease as gynecomastia - an enlarged breast in men. However, malignant neoplasm is also possible. With such complaints, it is necessary to contact a surgeon, oncologist, mammologist, endocrinologist to clarify the diagnosis. With the subsequent referral to surgical treatment, as a result of which the appearance will return to its usual state.

Voichuk Bohdan Dmytrovych
Urologist, andrologist, surgeon. Work experience of 6 years.
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