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Answers and questions on vaccinations

Good afternoon. I was in close contact with a person who was diagnosed with measles. I have not been revaccinated against measles for many years. Could you tell me what to do? Does the measles vaccine still make sense or will I get sick anyway?
Answer: 12.05.2021

Hello. Measles vaccination is not included in the vaccination schedule for adults (considering that you were vaccinated according to the schedule as a child). However, if in doubt, it makes sense to do measles IgG, if the titer is low, consider revaccination. It is also possible to administer the vaccine in the first 72 hours after contact with a patient with measles. However, it should be noted that such preventive vaccination provides limited protection.

ello. My child started to attend kindergarten, and there they declared quarantine for chickenpox. I know that it is no big deal for a child, but my husband and I did not have this illness in childhood. I've heard that as an adult, chickenpox can be dangerous and is much more difficult to tolerate than in childhood. Could you tell me, can my husband and I get vaccinated against chickenpox, and how long after vaccination will we be protected?
Answer: 12.05.2021

Good afternoon. Indeed, in adulthood, chickenpox is characterized by a more severe course and the possibility of secondary complications. Vaccination against chickenpox is indicated for both children and adults who have not previously been ill. An “urgent” vaccination against the disease is possible, which will help for limited protection, provided it is administered no later than 72 hours after exposure to a person with chickenpox. Vaccination implies the introduction of 2 doses with an interval of 6 weeks (at least 4). In this case, the protection will be maximum.

Hello! What vaccinations are recommended for adults if I have not done any vaccinations since childhood? I am 30.
Answer: 12.05.2021

Good afternoon. If there is documentary evidence of the lack of vaccination in childhood, it is worth developing your vaccination schedule, which will include both mandatory vaccinations (MPR, DTaP, etc.) and recommended (pneumococcal infection, chickenpox, etc.). It is worth considering the concomitant pathology, infectious history. At the appointment, the family doctor will carry out the patient intake and draw up an individual vaccination schedule.

Hello. I am 26 years old and I am at high risk for cervical cancer – my mother and grandmother were diagnosed. The gynecologist advises to get HPV vaccine for prevention, but I doubt it because I heard that at my age it is no longer effective. Tell me please, whether it is reasonable to get vaccinated against HPV after 20 years and what is its effect?
Answer: 12.05.2021

Hello! Vaccination against HPV is carried out after 20 years, and in some cases even up to 45 years, if there is an indication for it. The anti-HPV vaccine operates as follows: vaccination produces antibodies that penetrate the cervix and neutralize the virus and prevent its entry into cells, the virus is in the mucous membrane and does not cause immune response.

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