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I visited the urologist A.A. Kurkutov with a very delicate problem. The examination passed without pain or discomfort. The doctor was very polite and answered my questions correctly. After the test results, the doctor immediately prescribed a treatment course. After the end of the treatment, I see the effect that I am pleased with. I plan to continue to undergo examination at your clinic. I recommend your clinic to everyone.
Uzhgorod, 19.02.2021 Show answer
Hello Petr! Thank you for your positive feedback. Doctor Kurkutov A.A. has a comprehensive approach to the treatment and diagnostic process and is attentive to each patient. You could see that for yourself. It is important for us to know that you are satisfied with the result of your visit to the clinic and the level of medical care. We are always ready to help if necessary. Stay healthy!
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The urologist established a very accurate diagnosis. He was very polite and professional. The diagnosis was chronic prostatitis and there were complaints of burning sensation when urinating. After taking the pills, everything went well and my health recovered. This is the best doctor I have ever met! I will advise your clinic to everyone, it is very professional and polite.
Uzhgorod, 18.02.2021 Show answer
Hello Marian! Thank you for your positive feedback. We are glad that our doctor was able to meet your expectations. We agree with you that only qualified specialists work for us, who have a comprehensive approach to diagnostics and treatment. We will be happy to help if necessary. Stay healthy!
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I visited the urologist, Aleksandr Antonovich Kurkutov, with complaints about frequent urination; the doctor diagnosed acute prostatitis, prescribed treatment, and I was treated directly at the “ON Clinic”. I am satisfied with the treatment, the doctor is attentive and treats his patients with great responsibility. After the end of the treatment course, the changes went for the better. I am quite satisfied with the treatment, I can recommend “ON Clinic” to my friends. Many thanks to the doctor Kurkutov Aleksandr Antonovich!
Uzhgorod, 17.02.2021 Show answer
Hello Mikhail! Thank you for your feedback and kind words. Doctor Kurkutov A.A. is perfect in minimally invasive techniques that help solve unpleasant problems in a comfortable environment and without interrupting the usual rhythm of life. We are glad that visit to our specialist was effective and you are satisfied with the treatment result. We are always ready to help if necessary and stay healthy!
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