Urology in Kharkov

Opening of the department of urology in ON Clinic Kharkov in 2007 caused a debate in society.

For the first time in Kharkov it was spoken so openly and elsewhere about male sexual problems (prostatitis, premature ejaculation, potency problems). The provocative advertising forced to pay attention to it and to come to the clinic, even the most shy men.

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After all, before opening of the urology department in ON Clinic in Kharkov it would be extremely difficult: to make an appointment with a urologist, you need to find out where he is, to stand in a line, in which there are friends who come to the visit, go for US, stand turn back, endure all, get tested ... How much do you know men who are ready to stop their violent activities in the city and spend a few days on the line at the clinics? Not to mention how much damage is applied to the male ego when standing outside the office with a sign "urologist" (or "Andrologist") and accidentally meets his friend or colleagues.

Medical Centre ON Clinic Kharkov solves all these problems. Pre-registration by phone, no queues and complete confidentiality of the patient receiving create psychological comfort – particularly important for men. Now it is much easier to solve such serious problems as treatment of premature ejaculation, treatment of chronic prostatitis, increase potency.

The initial examination by a urologist in Kharkov in the medical center is already included in ultrasound diagnosis of prostate cancer, digital rectal examination of prostate, the study of blood vessels of the penis (Doppler), sensitivity of measurement of the sexual sphere (biotosimetry), if necessary, there conducted the test of vasoactive erectile function.

Examination runs for 30 minutes, the patient does not leave the room. Moreover, thanks to accurate complex diagnosis, treatment can be directly assigned.

Urologists of ON Clinic Kharkov approach to the treatment of each patient strictly individual, depending on age, comorbidities, and patient complaints – erectile dysfunction, prostatitis, genital infections, premature ejaculation, or BPH. According to the doctors – for someone it is enough interviews and psychological relief, someone needs treatment. It can include both self-developed medicines of ON Clinic and the entire arsenal of methods of physiotherapy.

The main result of years of work of the urology center ON Clinic Kharkov – more than 9,000 men, whose lives have changed for the better thanks to solving of their intimate problems. Now Kharkov citizens have no longer questions how to increase potency or how to treat prostatitis – only in ON Clinic!

The main activities of the department of urology:

  • treatment of erectile dysfunction in men of any age;
  • treatment of varicocele;
  • treatment of urethral polyps;
  • treatment of premature ejaculation;
  • diagnosis and treatment of latent genital infections;
  • treatment of disorders in ejaculation;
  • treatment of prostatitis;
  • treatment of prostate adenoma in the I, II stages (conservative medical treatment).
Trubeko Sergey Nikolaevich
Trubeko Sergey Nikolaevich
Doctor of department of urology

The cost of doctor urology appointments in Kharkiv

Primary appointment with a urologist
Initial appointment with urologist including ultrasound of prostate (prostate gland, seminal vesicles, bladder)
Visiting a urologist on male infertility issues (including ultrasound of the prostate, ultrasound of the scrotum)
Repeated appointment with urologist
ONLINE-Repeated appointment with urologist
Consultation with a female urologist
ONLINE Consultation with a female urologist
Consultation with an operating urologist
ONLINE Consultation of a female urologist abroad
ONLINE Re-admission of a urologist abroad

Physicians of urology department of ON Clinic Kharkiv