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Urology in Dnepr

Expectations are always high from the man. He is a warrior, benefactor, owner, is always stable, successful, never complaints.

These stringent requirements lead to the fact that the problems – especially in the sexual sphere – man studiously ignores, what aggravates the situation.

We treat:

Today in ON Clinic Dnepr the urologist is referred by men from 18 to 75 years. Diseases of the intimate sphere do not choose age. They may arise as a consequence of chronic diseases as a result of psychosomatic disorders, and not only complexes. Weakening of potency, premature ejaculation, prostatitis, prostate adenoma – the scourge of modern men.

Unfortunately, most patients only come with the appearance of serious violations. In addition, intimate problem is often masked by underlying medical conditions. In order to establish an accurate diagnosis in ON Clinic Dnepr there held primary complex urological diagnosis.

Unlike most Dnepropetrovsk clinics here, in addition to digital rectal examination, is already included ultrasound prostate surface sensor, measurement the sensitivity of the sexual sphere (biotosimetry, if indicated), vasoactive test (by indications). If necessary, you can immediately at the clinic, without losing time, give the analyzes. The visit will take about one hour. And considering that ON Clinic Dnepr is open until 20:00 on weekdays and on Saturday – to find time is not difficult.

After establishment of an accurate diagnosis – together with the doctor there produced a winning strategy for treatment. Urology department in ON Clinic has a whole arsenal of techniques that allow point-and as efficiently as possible solve men's intimate problems. Reviews of urology in Dnepropetrovsk and our other doctors you can read here.

Each patient is individual, each has his bad habits, complexes, and comorbidities. Therefore, depending on the age and intimate problems there chosen physiotherapy, injection or unique set of medicines available in the network ON Clinic only.

The man, treated in ON Clinic Dnepr immediately can be distinguished from other patients of urological clinics – for a confident gait, burning eyes and a calm smile on his face. Doctors in ON Clinic successfully solve the problem of man's intimate for the second decade and experience allows achieve positive results in the shortest possible time.

The main activities of the department of urology:

  • treatment of erectile dysfunction in men of any age;
  • treatment of premature ejaculation;
  • diagnosis and treatment of latent genital infections;
  • treatment of disorders in ejaculation;
  • treatment of prostatitis;
  • treatment of prostate adenoma of the I, II stages (conservative medical treatment).
Demidenko Sergey Vitalievich
Demidenko Sergey Vitalievich
Doctor of department of urology

The cost of doctor urology appointments in Dnepr

Initial appointment with urologist including ultrasound of prostate (prostate gland, seminal vesicles, bladder)
ONLINE Re-admission of a urologist abroad
ONLINE Repeated diagnostic reception of a urologist abroad
ONLINE-Repeated appointment with urologist
Primary appointment with a urologist
Repeated appointment with urologist

Physicians of urology department of ON Clinic Dnepr

Address: Dnepr, D. Yavornytskoho av., 107a

ON Clinic Dnepr
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