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Mammology in Dnepr

Mammology is a branch of medicine covering the functioning of the mammary gland in normal conditions and in the event of a pathological process.

A mammologist is a specialist who diagnoses and treats diseases of this organ.

The Department of Mammology at the medical center “ON Clinic Dnepr” is fitted with modern equipment for a comprehensive breast examination, and our doctors have deep knowledge and extensive practical experience in performing both diagnostic procedures and developing an effective course of treatment.

Timely consultation by a mammologist makes it possible to detect breast disease at the initial stage, which significantly increases the favorable prognosis of recovery. Early diagnosis and competent treatment ensure complete recovery of patients in 90% of cases (WHO data).

What does a mammologist treat?

The mammary glands are an organ influenced by hormonal changes (menstruation, gestation, menopause). These are natural physiological processes regulated by the hormonal system, but if an imbalance occurs, the development of various diseases can be triggered.

The most common causes of breast diseases are:

  • sharp change in endocrine profile (fibrous mastopathy, cystic formations, etc.);
  • tumor process (fibroma, lipoma, sarcoma, lactating adenoma, etc.);
  • inflammatory process (mastitis, etc.).

If during the examination it turned out that the disease is of a malignant nature, then a mammologist-oncologist deals with further treatment. Today, breast cancer is treated successfully. The five-year survival rate after stage 1 cancer therapy is 94% (WHO).

We strongly recommend visiting a mammologist regularly for a preventive examination, and it is imperative to contact the specialist for an unscheduled consultation with the appearance of chest pain and discharge from the nipple, self-detection of calcification or asymmetry of the mammary glands.

When is the best time to visit a mammologist?

The frequency of doctor visits depends on many factors, it is due to:

  • family history (as diseases are often transmitted genetically);
  • age (after 40 years you need to visit a doctor for examination twice a year);
  • presence of endocrinological diseases, diseases of the mammary glands or reproductive organs in the past, etc.

From the age of 25, every woman needs to make an appointment with a mammologist and visit the doctor once a year in the absence of urgent indications.

What is the procedure of consultation by a mammologist?

Consultation by a mammologist includes interviewing, examining the mammary glands, referral to tests if a disease is suspected, drawing up a therapy plan. Also, if indications are found, dermatoscopy can be performed.

During the return visit, a mammologist interprets the results of tests and examinations, adjusts the treatment regimen, and performs dressings if necessary.

During the examination of the mammary glands, they are palpated in various positions of the body: sitting, lying with hands down / up, standing with hands down/up.

The following is also assessed:

  • presence of enlarged lymph nodes in the armpits;
  • symmetry of mammary glands;
  • presence / absence of redness of the breast skin;
  • size and shape of the nipple areola, etc.

What questions does a mammologist ask?

Since the hereditary factor of predisposition to breast diseases is important for diagnosis, the fact of the presence of breast pathologies in close relatives is found out. Also, the peculiarities of the current clinical picture of the patient are clarified: whether she is undergoing any course of treatment and what medications she is taking.

What tests does a mammologist refer to?

In case of any indication, the following can be ordered:

  • breast puncturing with ultrasound;
  • tests for tumor markers;
  • tissue biopsy for cytoanalysis;
  • nipple swab followed by a cytological examination, etc.

Is it possible to see a mammologist during menstruation?

The optimal period for a preventive visit to a mammologist is day 5-6 of the menstrual cycle. It is advisable to make an appointment with a doctor for examination before the ovulation onset and provide the data of the previous examination.

Diagnostic procedures allow determining the type and stage of the disease and develop an individual therapeutic course. In order to undergo examination and treatment of breast diseases by a mammologist in Dnepr, leave a request on the website of “ON Clinic Dnepr” or call us at the specified phone number.

Kosheleva Yana Yuriyivna
Kosheleva Yana Yuriyivna
Doctor of department of mammalogy

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