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Vaccinations for adults in Dnepr

Vaccinations are an integral part of the prevention of infectious diseases in adults.

Every year, vaccination saves 2-3 million people from dangerous diseases worldwide and prevents 1.5 million deaths from infectious diseases.

When should adults do vaccinations?

Adults need to do vaccinations:

  • during epidemics;
  • before traveling to countries with a high distribution of this or that infectious disease;
  • at a high risk of getting infected (after animal bites, it is necessary to do a rabies shot);
  • if vaccination was missed in childhood;
  • during revaccination (diphtheria and tetanus shots are recommended every ten years).

There are vaccinations that are not included in the single vaccination session, but are recommended by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. These are vaccinations against:

  •  chickenpox;
  •  papillomavirus;
  •  hepatitis;
  •  pneumococcal infection;
  •  meningococcal infection;
  •  rotavirus infection;
  •  flu.

"ON Clinic Dnepr" has a vaccine against human papillomavirus of 16 and 18 types - Cervarix (Belgium). This vaccine is used for the prevention of cervical cancer, acute and chronic infections, precancerous lesions, cellular disorders caused by HPV.

You can also vaccinate for the prevention of influenza and its complications "Vaxigripp Tetra" (country of origin France). Antiviral antibodies persist for a year after vaccination and provide immunity against influenza viruses.

To make an appointment for vaccination, call the phone numbers indicated on the website or fill out the online form.

The cost of doctor vaccinations appointments in Dnepr

2500 uah
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Vaccination Hiberix
1000 uah
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Vaccination Prevenar-13
3150 uah
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