Pediatric gynecologist in Kharkiv

The first examination of a newborn baby is conducted by a neonatologist to determine the normal development of the external genital organs.

Teenage girls should undergo an annual examination at a pediatric gynecologist to control hormone production and the formation of secondary sexual characteristics.

What does a pediatric gynecologist check?

Examination in pediatric gynecology department takes place in the presence of an accompanying parent or guardian (mother, grandmother). The gynecologist examines the external genitals and mammary glands. Normally, in newborns labia major cover labia minor, and the clitoris is not noticeable. But in case of developmental disorders, the picture changes. In this case, additional studies are required to determine the cause of the abnormality, and the development of a suitable treatment regimen is necessary. Examination is completely painless, the child feels comfortable.

For a child of primary school age, early maturation becomes an alarming symptom, namely the appearance of secondary sexual characteristics (menstruation, distention of the mammary glands, body hair growth) at the age under 8 years. Most often this indicates endocrine disorders.

It is important to visit the children’s gynecology department at puberty, which starts from 11-12 years. At this time, intensified hormone production begins, which leads to physiological changes in the body of a young girl. In adolescence, a girl may experience pathologies such as the absence of a normal menstrual cycle, or juvenile bleeding.

The pediatric gynecologist monitors the level of hormones, checks the normal functioning of the ovaries, monitors the condition of the uterus, and develops the treatment regimen in case of detection of infections or other diseases.

What does a pediatric gynecologist treat?

The pediatric gynecologist deals with a wide range of gynecological problems.

The most common are:

  • premature maturation - the cause may be endocrine disorders, tumors and tumor-like formations;
  • synechia vulvae- a common consequence of inflammatory diseases in which fusion of the labia minora occurs;
  • injuries of the external genital organs, obtained during active games, sports activities, traffic accidents;
  • endometriosis - the proliferation of uterine cells beyond the cavity.

Not only internal factors (hormone imbalance, developmental abnormalities), but also external causes (early onset of sexual activity, unfavorable ecology, poisoning with toxins, wearing tight synthetic underwear, inappropriate intimate hygiene) can provoke pathologies. Visit to a pediatric gynecologist should be in case of abundant discharge from the genitals, their inflammation, redness or other visible changes, or pain in the pelvis.

It is possible to undergo examination in children’s gynecologydepartment in Kharkiv in the medical center “ON Clinic Kharkiv”. We employ experienced gynecologists who quickly and accurately make a diagnosis and prescribe effective treatment for a girl. Appointment to a doctor is possible by the contact telephone number of the medical center specified on the site.

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