Pediatric surgeon in Kharkiv

Pediatric surgery is a department involved in operative treatment methods for patients under 18.

You should visit operating surgeon in case your child has structural and anatomical anomalies or when drug treatment is counter-indicative or non-effective.

We do:

What does pediatric surgeon do?

Pediatric surgeon examines young patients for congenital defects, traumas or evoked diseases. Should they be detected, a specialist diagnosticates and selects operative procedure having the best effect for this particular child.

Core services of pediatric surgery department in Kharkiv are the following:

  • removal of post-surgical sutures;
  • hematoma opening;
  • rupture of carbuncles, furuncles;
  • initial surgical debridement (ISD);
  • resection of ingrown nail;
  • removal of nail plate.

What does pediatric surgeon examine?

Scheduled visit to pediatric surgery in Kharkiv is performed once every 3 months, twice a year and once a year. Then it is recommended to come with a child annually for consultation.

Depending on the child age, a doctor examines for the following disorders:

  • vascular tumors on skin;
  • inguinal and umbilical hernia;
  • cryptorchism (boys).

Then the specialist controls child’s growth and development, proper formation of bony frame, absence of phymosis and other pathologies. Scheduled visit to pediatric surgery helps to find abnormalities in time and eliminate them with a minimum risk for a young patient.

Register to scheduled visit a surgeon in case of the following symptoms:

  • trauma and stretching of extremities;
  • avulsive and incised wounds of soft tissues;
  • ingrowing of nail plate into nail wall edge;
  • redness and swelling of soft tissues with local temperature increase;
  • occurrence of purulent inflammation on skin.

Difference between pediatric surgeon and orthopedist?

Orthopedist deals with diagnostics and treatment of musculoskeletal apparatus diseases. It is a wide range of pathologies, including those of infectious nature. Unlike the surgeons, orthopedists use drug treatment, assign physiotherapeutic procedures and send a patient for operation only in case other methods fail to deliver the needed medicinal effect.

It is necessary to visit orthopedist in a child has the following symptoms:

  • tumors in muscles or bones;
  • joint redness and swelling;
  • limited excursion of extremities and fingers;
  • back pain;
  • visible postural disorders.

Orthopedist diagnosticates a disease. If a patient needs surgical intervention a doctor will send a child to surgeon for examination and consultation.

How to choose pediatric surgeon

Many parents wonder how to find a qualified doctor for their child. Specialists see patients both at municipal and private medical institutions, but in most cases it is better to visit pediatric surgeon at private clinic with advanced equipment and no waiting lines.

Medical centre “ON Clinic Kharkiv” uses modern minimally invasive treatment methods.

As a result, you have the following advantages:

  • no general anesthesia;
  • rapid healing of surgical wound;
  • minimum quantity of counter-indications.

A child recovers within a short period of time with no severe pain sensation after procedure. Before anesthesia the medication used is tested for allergy. You can register to visit pediatric surgeon in Kharkiv at medical centre “ON Clinic Kharkiv” by contact phone of clinic.

Doctor of department of surgery

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Initial consultation with a surgeon
Repeated consultation with a surgeon
Reappointment of the pediatric surgeon after the fixed time
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ONLINE-Repeated consultation with a surgeon
ONLINE-Reappointment of the pediatric surgeon after the fixed time
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