Vaccinations in Kharkiv

Vaccination is an effective, simple and safe method of protecting the body from viruses by activating the body’s defense mechanisms and forming antibodies to the infectious agent.

Anyone can get vaccination against infections with absolute contraindications.

Indications and contraindications for vaccination in adults

 Indications for vaccination for adults concern, first of all, people at risk:

  • pregnant women and the elderly persons;
  • those having chronic diseases - cardiovascular and respiratory pathologies, kidney and liver diseases, malformations of central nervous system;
  • frequently ill persons with acute respiratory infections;
  • those having weakened immunity (HIV patients and those undergoing chemotherapy and steroid therapy);
  • doctors, teachers, service employees who constantly communicate with a large number of people. 

Contraindications for vaccination in adults are caused by the presence of concomitant diseases and pathological conditions: 

  • recurrence of chronic diseases;
  • undergoing a course of chemotherapy suppressing immunity;
  • manifestation of acute allergic reactions to the drug main components.

Subfebrile fever and mild signs of malaise are no object for vaccination in adults.

Flu vaccination in Kharkiv

Influenza is an acute viral infection manifested by fever and sickliness, accompanied by intoxication, coughing and headache.

Seasonal flu vaccination builds up an immune response in the body to three most common strains circulating during the flu season. The best way to reduce the risk of developing severe flu and getting others infected is to get a flu shot.

There is no approved influenza vaccination program for adults in Ukraine. This process is monitored by WHO. According to the current guidelines, flu shots shall be carried out annually, as the virus structure is constantly changing.

You can get a flu shot in Kharkiv at the medical center “ON Clinic Kharkiv” after making an appointment with therapist and doing complete blood count, if necessary. Patients are vaccinated with a French drug that has undergone a multistage purification - a tetravalent split vaccine Vaxigrip or trivalent JC Flue and providing the following:

  • durable immunity to the virus;
  • excellent acceptability;
  • absence of by-reactions.

Vaccinations in Kharkiv are carried out in strict accordance with the instructions. The vaccine is opened immediately before manipulation in the presence of the patient. It is administered subcutaneously or intramuscularly. The cost of influenza vaccination in Kharkiv is affordable for any patient.

You can make an appointment for a flu shot by filling out the appointment form or by phone.

The cost of doctor vaccinations appointments in Kharkiv

1210 uah
Vaccination INFLUVAC
Vaccination Influvac
2310 uah
Vaccination Prevenar-13
3135 uah
GC FLU vaccination
Group A Streptococcus Rapid Test
Vaccination Stamaril
1320 uah