Day-patient hospital in Kharkov

The complete treatment is impossible without performing all the medical procedures prescribed by a doctor.

“ON Clinic Kharkov” has a day-patient hospital where you can put a dropper, make the intramuscular or intravenous injection.

What is a day-patient hospital?

A day-patient hospital is a department where during the day, patients receive the treatment prescribed by the doctor. The patients at the day-patient hospital "ON Clinic Kharkov" need:

  • regular intramuscular injections in the buttocks;
  • subcutaneous and intravenous injections;
  • intravenous droppers with medicinal solutions.

In order to treat the disease, it is necessary to adhere to the treatment regimen determined by the doctor, take drugs in time and make injections. It is very difficult and unsafe to make an injection or to put a dropper on your own: you need to know how to draw correctly the medicine into the syringe, what proportions should be observed, the order of drugs administration and the interval between them. Incorrect injections or droppers can cause an air embolism (air bubbles entering the bloodstream), poor health, allergic reaction, provoke an exacerbation of chronic diseases or death.

Where can you put on a dropper in Kharkov?

If you are looking for a place to put on a dropper, visit the day-patient hospital at “ON Clinic Kharkov”. Our nurses give injections painlessly, in compliance with all medical protocols and prescribing doctor's instructions. The department provides the necessary sterility, all patients during the manipulation are under the supervision of medical personnel.

In order to undergo treatment in a day-patient hospital, pre-appointment is required. You can do this by calling the medical center or by leaving your application on the site.

The cost of doctor the day hospital appointments in Kharkiv

Subcutaneous injection
Intravenous injection - 1 procedure
Intravenous drip injection - 1 procedure
Intramuscular injection - 1 procedure