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Children’s otolaryngologist in Kharkiv

Children’s otolaryngologist or ENT specialist is a doctor specializing in the treatment of diseases of ears, nose and throat.

Most often, children have these pathologies, which is explained both by the incompletely formed immunity and the anatomical features of the structure of the ENT organs.

We treat:

For example, in children under 6–8 years of age, the auditory meatus is shorter than in adults, which increases the risk of developing otitis, and the tonsils are more developed, which can be the cause of adenoids and adenoiditis.

The following factors may increase the risk of ENT infections:

  • local or general hypothermia;
  • weakening of immunity due to stress;
  • unfavorable environmental conditions;
  • injuries to the face and throat;
  • chronic gastrointestinal diseases;
  • sudden pressure drops (for example, when diving or air travelling).

Many ENT diseases have a similar clinical pattern and are almost asymptomatic in the initial stages. In order to prevent complications and identify the disease in time, it is recommended to visit the pediatric ENT department in case of the first signs of pathology.

What does an ENT-specialist treats?

Children’s otorhinolaryngologists deal with a wide range of diseases of the upper respiratory tract, throat and ears.

Most often, doctors diagnose and treat the following:

  • tonsillitis;
  • pharyngitis;
  • laryngitis;
  • adenoid vegetation;
  • adenoiditis;
  • otitis media;
  • utriculitis;
  • rhinitis;
  • sinusitis;
  • maxillary sinusitis.

The danger of ENT infections is the rapid spread and infection of adjacent organs. For example, sore throat can be complicated by otitis, and pharyngitis can develop into rhinitis. In order to localize the disorder in time and restore the health of the child, consultation of the pediatric ENT-specialist is necessary.

In case of the following symptoms, a visit to the doctor is recommended:

  • pain in the ears, throat, or nose;
  • laborious breathing;
  • discharge from the nose or auditory passages;
  • unilateral or bilateral impairment of hearing;
  • fever;
  • headache;
  • weakness and increased fatigue.

In newborns, disorders manifest themselves differently: the baby refuses to eat, becomes naughty, constantly crying. High fever and laborious breathing are possible. Some pathologies of the throat can cause laryngospasm which is partial or complete closure of the respiratory tract.

Not always ENT-disorder has an infectious nature. Congenital abnormalities in the structure of the nasopharynx and ears, exposure to toxins and allergens, foreign matter entering the passageway can lead to the development of disorders. For example, hearing may deteriorate due to the formation of a cerumen impaction. In any case, it is possible to establish the cause of health problems only after examination in the children’s ENT department.

What does a pediatric ENT specialist check?

Consultation with the children’s ENT specialist involves the history taking: the doctor listens to complaints, conducts a visual examination of the ears, throat and nose. In case of suspected infection, additional studies are prescribed: general test of urine and feces, if necessary - endoscopy, X-ray of the sinuses. According to the results, the otorhinolaryngologist creates the optimal treatment regimen.

With early diagnostics, most ENT pathologies respond well to drug treatment. Pharmaceutical drugs eliminate pain, fight the cause of the disease, restore normal ventilation of the ducts and relieve mucosal edema. In addition to taking medications, the doctor may prescribe rinsing, inhalation, warm, abundant drinking, and physiotherapy.

You can make an appointment with a children’s otorhinolaryngologist in Kharkiv at the Medical Center “ON Clinic Kharkiv”. To do this, call the contact number specified on this page.

Trubnikova Larisa Mikolaivna
Trubnikova Larisa Mikolaivna
Doctor of department of pediatric otolaryngology

Physicians of children’s pediatric otolaryngology ОN Clinic Kharkiv

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