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Many diseases have similar symptoms – and the sick person cannot determine where the problem lies and which doctor to visit.

That is why a person may need the help of a therapist or a general practitioner.

What is a therapist?

A therapist is a doctor who specializes in the prevention, diagnostics and non-surgical treatment of diseases of internal organs. Having decided to undergo a preventive medical examination or having noticed any signs of poor health, a person should make an appointment with a therapist. The reason for visiting the doctor may be the following:

  • pain in any part of the body;
  • general weakness, work decrement, rapid fatigability;
  • difficult breathing, runny nose, cough;
  • sharp change in weight;
  • jumps of blood pressure;
  • temperature increase;
  • irritability, nervousness, changes in habitual behavior;
  • dizziness, impaired concentration, etc.

What does a therapist do?

The doctors of the Therapeutics Department specialize in diagnostics of pathologies of internal organs, monitoring the effectiveness of the prescribed therapy and its correction, if necessary. Examination by a therapist includes the following:

  • interviewing;
  • analysis of patient complaints;
  • examination using physical (based on the use of the senses of the treating specialist) and instrumental research methods;
  • referral to necessary laboratory tests.

Based on the data obtained as a result of the examination, “ON Clinic Kharkov” therapists will establish a diagnosis and prescribe treatment or refer the patient for a consultation with a highly specialized doctor.

Troponin test

Troponin test (cardio test) is a biochemical blood test allowing establishing the presence of troponin protein in it, which is a sign of damage to the heart muscle. In most cases, the test is carried out to diagnose myocardial infarction. If you suspect a heart attack, rapid troponin test can be done by a general practitioner.

Cardio test is prescribed in the following cases:

  • patients with stable angina pectoris with increased symptoms of the disease;
  • acute coronary syndrome which may be caused by myocardial infarction;
  • for diagnostics of myocarditis (inflammation of heart muscle tissue);
  • Before heart surgeries to detect myocardial damage.

The troponin level in the blood remains elevated for 10-14 days after a heart attack. Therefore, the troponin test is included in a comprehensive check for heart attack, which also includes medical advice, ECG and other examinations.

To prepare for the cardio test you need the following:

  • Avoid physical activity and emotional stress half an hour before the test;
  • do not smoke one hour before the test;
  • do not eat 2-3 hours before the test.

What does the electrocardiogram of heart show?

The Electrocardiogram of the heart (ECG) is a diagnostic method during which the electrical potentials of heart that occur during its operation are recorded. ECG allows identifying various heart pathologies, including myocardial infarction and coronary heart disease.

The electrocardiogram should be done in the following cases:

  • pain in the chest;
  • heart palpitations;
  • heart murmur;
  • dyspnea at rest;
  • chest injuries;
  • pregnancy;
  • routine preventive examinations.

In order to be prepared for ECG, it is recommended to sleep well before the examination, take a shower in the morning, avoid physical activity, and do not apply oily ointments and creams to the body. It is advisable to limit fluid intake, do not smoke, drink coffee or energy drinks one hour before the procedure. It is best to undergo ECG on an empty stomach or don’t eat food three hours before the examination. You need to come for examination 15-20 minutes before it, so that there is time to relax and restore breathing.

The patient receives the cardiogram results in print format. If you need the examination results in electronic form, you need to inform the reception about it before the diagnostics and indicate your e-mail.

You can make an appointment with a therapist by phone or using the feedback form on the website.

Doctor of department of therapy

The cost of doctor therapy appointments in Kharkiv

Vaccination INFLUVAC
GC FLU vaccination
Group A Streptococcus Rapid Test
Consultation with a therapist
ONLINE Therapist consultation
ONLINE Consultation of a therapist abroad
Home call from a general practitioner
1300 uah
Call a therapist home for patients with confirmed COVID
1500 uah
Call a therapist at home on Sunday, holidays
1400 uah

Physicians of therapy department of ON Clinic Kharkiv

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