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Pediatric ophthalmology in Kharkov

We should take care of our eyes from childhood. According to the World Health Organization, about 80% cases of vision impairment refer to visual disturbance in children. Lately, the number of children with visual disorders increased.

This is natural: the 21st century is a world of gadgets and every child almost from the cradle gets acquainted with tablet or smart phone. Long-term usage of such gizmo reduces visual acuity resulting in disorder of refraction and accommodation.

What symptoms does pediatric ophthalmologist consult?

Regular vision examination in child will help to avoid eye diseases at an early age. The parents shall make sure that pediatric ophthalmologist conducts assessment of kid’s sight not only at pre-school, but also at school and adolescence age. In particular, elementary school-children often suffer from nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hypermetropia), as well as astigmatism, heterotropia.

Consult the doctor in case you have noticed that your child:

  • suffers from  eye watering;
  • rubs his/her eyes often, has burning or itching sensation in eyes;
  • complains about headaches, ocular fatigue;
  • reacts badly to bright light;
  • squints, doubles over in order to read or look at something;
  • refuses to read or follows the line in the book with finger while reading for fear to lose the line.

All these signs indicate that the child suffers from weak sight, and the causes may be various. Maybe, all it takes is to change the lighting fixture or it could point to the development of ocular pathology. Pediatric ophthalmologist is the only one who can make diagnosis after examining kid’s eyes. The issues on kid’s visual performance shall always be on the agenda of his parents. Late visiting a doctor threatens with vision loss not only at an early age or during the teen years, but also in adult life.

Treatment of heterotropia in children

Heterotropia is an eye malposition expressed in deflection of look (of one or both eyes).

The causes of its occurrence are various: it may occur because of traumas (including psychological ones), infections, diseases of the central nervous system, congenital or acquired ocular abnormalities.

Heterotropia may have both intrinsic and acquired character. According to the stability of deviating, it can be steady and non-steady. Depending on the nature and treatment of disease in case of such diagnosis, the doctor selects effective treatment of sight in children.

If handled properly, the sight quality can be improved with the following:

  • fitting of eyeglasses or soft contact lens;
  • correction machine procedures without any surgery.

Treatment of stye

Inflammatory process on eyelids usually occurs as a result of eye entry with bacterial infection.

Another causes of stye development can be as follows:

  • hypothermia, decrease in immunity;
  • intestinal and bowel issues;
  • poor nutrition, hygiene breaches.

Sometimes the disease can develop even in the setting of cold. Stye treatment is based on selection of medicinal drugs (instillation of antimicrobial drops, warm heat, ultrahigh frequency treatment.) the duration of therapy shall be determined by ophthalmologist. In general, it is directed on immunity improvement, control of inflammation.

Amblyopia in children (lazy eyes)

Amblyopia is the reduction in vision when one eye stops fulfilling visual function. The cause of amblyopia occurrence is heterotropia.

The patients with such diagnosis have no binocular vision. It is the state when the brain evaluates the objects per field of vision of both eyes and aggregates images into a whole. It is necessary to detect amblyopia as soon as possible, because after a while the disease may worsen down to complete depression of visual functions of lazy eye.

Amblyopia can be treated in several ways: training of lazy eye, proper correction of ametropia and control of heterotropia.

Vision correction in children and teenagers

The best and safest way of vision correction is fitting of eyeglasses or contact lens.

For this purpose, you need to undergo complete diagnostics and consult pediatric ophthalmologist regarding the set diagnosis. Also it is required to perform cycloplegia – complete removal of excessive accommodation tone for the avoidance of improper correction.

Removal of foreign bodies from the eye

Accidents with eyes problem are not uncommon. When this occurs, waste no time to seek medical attention. In most cases, entry of foreign bodies into the eye may cause mucosa inflammation. As a rule, such cases are dangerous. It is necessary to see ophthalmologist.

Depending on the type of foreign body and duration of its staying in the eye, it may result in mucous inflammation, but also in anterior and posterior eye segments. Doctor will provide timely assistance in order to fasten the recovery of visual function and to prevent complications. Self-removal of foreign body from the eye by improvised means (using forceps, cotton wool stick, fingers) may result in loss of sight. This also applies to the cases when a foreign body is in the anterior chamber of the eye (conjunctiva, keratoderma, sclera).

Experienced pediatric ophthalmologists of the medical center “ON Clinic Kharkiv” will provide your child with qualified assistance. Our clinic is fitted with new ophthalmological equipment enabling to carry out high-quality diagnostics and treatment of eye disorders. Our clinic practices only non-invasive treatment of sight using effective innovative methods.

Make appointment for your child for ocular examination right now by phone or via electronic application on the website of pediatric medical center.

Litvinova Liliia Volodymyrivna
Litvinova Liliia Volodymyrivna
Doctor of department of ophthalmology

The cost of doctor ophthalmology appointments in Kharkiv

Determination of refraction using CRF
Full examination by an ophthalmologist (visiometry, ophthalmoscopy, examination of the anterior segment, determination of refraction using CRF)
Measurement of intraocular pressure
ONLINE Initial consultation with an ophthalmologist (without diagnostics) abroad
ONLINE Repeated consultation of an ophthalmologist (without diagnostics) abroad
ONLINE-Primary consultation with an ophthalmologist (without diagnostics)
ONLINE-Repeated consultation with an ophthalmologist (without diagnostics)
Primary consultation with an ophthalmologist (without diagnostics)
Repeated consultation with an ophthalmologist (without diagnostics)

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