Pediatric cardiologist in Kharkiv

Pediatric cardiologists and cardiorheumatologists specialize in the prevention and treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system and connective tissue in children under the age of 18 years.

Doctors are engaged in the treatment of both congenital and acquired pathologies that have arisen as a result of complications of severe infections in history: influenza, tonsillitis, and others.

What does a pediatric cardiologist do?

The baby’s heart is formed in the first trimester of pregnancy, but if the expectant mother was under stress, was affected by a bad environment, or had an infectious disease, the risk of developmental abnormalities is high.

In pediatric cardiology, patients are treated and monitored with the following diagnoses:

  • patent ductus arteriosus;
  • ventricular septal defect;
  • aortic coarctation and other congenital heart defects.

Most of these pathological conditions are diagnosed during pregnancy, or immediately after the birth of the baby.

But cardiovascular pathologies can develop in a healthy child.

The risk factors are:

  • untreated dental problems;
  • severe infections in history, resulting in systemic complications;
  • unhealthy lifestyle: hypodynamia, unbalanced diet.

Regular examinations and consultations with a pediatric cardiologist will help to avoid acquired problems and identify heart and vascular infections in the early stages, when they are easiest to treat without the risk of complications.

It is important for parents to remember that the cardiovascular system is under increased stress during puberty due to changes in endocrine profile and a sharp growth in the adolescent. Therefore, in adolescence, it is recommended to visit the cardiology center at least once a year.

What symptoms should be the reason to visit a pediatric cardiologist or cardiologist?

Parents of newborn babies should pay attention to the following warning signs:

  • blue color of lips that appears while sucking the bottle;
  • fast fatiguability;
  • general atony and drowsiness.

Such a clinical pattern may indicate a weak heart function.

In older children, the symptoms are different:

  • pain or heaviness in the chest;
  • laborious breathing and dyspnoea;
  • fast fatiguability;
  • loss of interest in games, mental or physical activity;
  • loss of consciousness;
  • swelling of limbs;
  • pain and swelling in the joints;
  • blue color of lips or fingertips;
  • frequent drowsiness for no apparent reason.

It is recommended to consult and ask questions to the pediatric cardiologist when at least one sign of cardiac disorder appears. On examination, the doctor collects anamnesis, listens to the heart, measures pressure and pulse rate. Also, a cardiologist pays attention to the color of the skin, the condition of the joints. Additionally, a blood test, ultrasound of the heart and blood vessels, an ECG and other tests can be prescribed.

According to their results, the doctor receives a complete picture of the heart muscle functioning and will be able to make an accurate diagnosis. The next step is development of an effective therapy regimen. Modern pediatric cardiology has a wide range of conservative and surgical methods for restoring the functions of the cardiovascular system. In addition to medication treatment, a pediatric cardiorheumatologist may recommend lifestyle changes: adjust the diet (especially if the children are overweight), and regularly provide the body with a moderate amount of exercise.

Appointment for a consultation of a pediatric cardiologist is possible at the medical center “ON Clinic Kharkiv”.

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