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Cardiology in Kharkiv

The normal functioning of the heart and blood vessel system is a prerequisite for the healthy functioning of the body.

According to WHO statistics, diseases of cardiovascular system dominate in the list of causes of premature death.

The main danger of these diseases is the absence of characteristic clinical symptoms at an early stage and the latent form of their course.

The work of the specialists of the cardiology department of the medical center “ON Clinic Kharkiv” is aimed at the timely detection and treatment of primary disorders of the heart and blood vessels, as well as the treatment of their dysfunctions arising against the background of other pathologies (diabetes, renal failure, etc.).

Causes of heart diseases

Among the causes of functional disorder of the cardiac system are congenital and acquired dysfunctions.

Congenital pathologies of heart and blood vessels occur in 10% of cases and are caused by genetic factors or lesions during the development of the fetus (viruses or toxic effects of certain drugs).

The most common ones are:

  • tetralogy of Fallot;
  • valve stenosis (luminal occlusion);
  • heart septum defects, etc.

Acquired heart and vascular diseases often result from unhealthy lifestyles and unbalanced diets. It is reliably known that nicotine can cause the development of coronary heart disease (oxygen starvation of coronary arteries), and excess of fatty food provokes vascular atherosclerosis (disturbed circulation).

Signs indicating the need to make an appointment with a cardiologist are:

  • recurrent pain behind the breastbone, in the region of heart and in the left side of the body;
  • jumps in blood pressure indicators (increase or decrease);
  • change in heart rhythm (rapid, slow or irregular heartbeat);
  • change in the pulse rhythm (rare or rapid pulse);
  • shortness of breath and choking;
  • rapid fatigability during physical exertion;
  • unreasonable fainting, weakness, or lethargy;
  • numbness of upper limbs;
  • pain under the scapula;
  • edema of lower extremities;
  • dizziness.

What does a cardiologist treat?

Cardiologist is a doctor whose competence includes the diagnostics and treatment of pathological changes in the functioning of heart and blood vessels. Along with a therapist and other specialists, this doctor is also involved in the rehabilitation of patients after the treatment of cardiovascular disorders. Doctors of cardiology department at the medical center “ON Clinic Kharkiv” have extensive experience in identifying and effectively managing the acute period of cardiac diseases, they also supervise their patients for a long period until complete recovery (for example, after myocardial infarction).

The main diseases of heart and blood vessels are the following:

  • ischemic heart disease;
  • angina pectoris;
  • inflammation of the heart structures (endocarditis, pericarditis, etc.);
  • arrhythmia;
  • thrombosis, etc.

How are heart diseases treated?

Consultation by cardiologist is the first and integral step in restoring the health of the cardiac system. Based on the patient’s complaints and history intake, the doctor refers to a list of examinations, the results of which determine the diagnosis and treatment regimen.

At our medical center, you can undergo the following types of examinations of cardiovascular system:

Also, a blood test is mandatory, including complete blood count, determination of the presence of inflammatory markers and fat metabolism indicators.

For the treatment of cardiac disorders, a course of conservative therapy is often used, which may include drugs that regulate the level of blood pressure, correct the heart rhythm and improve the nutrition of heart and blood vessels tissues. These drugs can act both directly on the lesion focus and on diseases triggering cardiac dysfunctions.

Besides, thanks to the philosophy of integrated approach to the patient, everyone has the opportunity not only to solve a momentary problem, but also to improve the quality of life in all areas. For example, not every doctor knows that erectile dysfunction is an early predictor of coronary heart disease.

Holter (daily) monitoring of ECG and blood pressure

Holter monitoring is a diagnostic method when, using a special portable device (ECG Holter), electrocardiogram is continuously recorded and blood pressure is monitored for 24 hours under conditions of normal patient activity. The examination allows determining such cardiac malfunctions as episodes of myocardial ischemia, atrial fibrillation, rhythm and conduction abnormalities.

Holter monitoring is indicated in the following cases:

  • recent myocardial infarction;
  • persistent or recurrent pain in heart;
  • dizziness and fainting;
  • heart failure;
  • endocrine system disorders (diabetes mellitus, obesity).

You can consult a cardiologist and undergo Holter monitoring in the cardiology department of the medical center “ON Clinic Kharkiv”. To make an appointment, call the phone numbers indicated on the website or fill out the online form.

When is a troponin test prescribed?

The troponin test is a biochemical blood compositional analysis, during which the presence of troponin protein is determined. In the absence of cardiovascular diseases, troponin in the blood is practically undetectable. The troponin level in blood rises as a result of the development of myocardial infarction, myocarditis, chronic heart failure, or other pathologies. No special preparation is required before the troponin test.

A blood test for troponins is referred to in the following cases:

  • diagnostics of myocardial infarction (troponin test for myocardial infarction allows estimating the size of the infarction zone) and other cardiovascular diseases;
  • evaluation of the thrombolytic therapy effectiveness;
  • forthcoming heart surgeries to determine possible myocardial injuries.

Besides, it is recommended to make an appointment for troponin test in case of exacerbation of symptoms of stable angina pectoris and in case of acute coronary syndrome, which can be caused by myocardial infarction. You can find out the cost of a troponin test in Kharkiv on the website and by phone.

You can make an appointment or get a consultation by phone or by filling out the form on our website.

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